Benefits of Working with Small Companies for Marketing Services (SEO PPC)

Marketing services are essential in today’s world. With businesses constantly trying to become more competitive  and there being so many paths for businesses to take, you need a way to stand out from your competitors to improve your chances of bringing in the customers. If you are hoping to utilize these services fully, though, you are going to need more than a corporate marketing firm. You need to go small, with a company that is capable of giving you the personalized, knowledgeable, and hands-on services in order to get you the results you are looking for. With a caring staff that can work around your business needs and the type of team approach that shows incredible results from their efforts on your behalf.

The difference between choosing a small company and a large one can be noticeable at times. While not all large companies are the same, many of them do give you the same basic services. Of course, the reason for this is that they are far too big to personalize anything. They provide you with marketing services that are more or less “package” based,  but they are not going to take the time to provide a custom solution based on your business model’s needs, which is vital.  You need a team approach that looks at your business as a whole, understands the requirements and provides  you with a plan that is focused on your business goals.

Another difference is that a lot of major companies focus on getting as much work out as possible in a short amount of time. This is understandable when you consider the workload that they face, but it can sacrifice quality and attention to the details in order to meet set deadlines and ensure that their clients receive what has been contracted for. At Black Arrow Marketing our staff  does everything by hand.  We have a proven,  personal work ethic and would rather be “Hands On” instead of using  automated scripts.  A marketing company that does not use third part tools, to generate ad words and copy, but rather creates unique keyword rich copy and content in order to provide you with the quality and results that you expect to receive.

When you have knowledgeable individuals overseeing your marketing services, who are using personalized information and creating everything that is specific to you and your business, you can see phenomenal results. The desire is to give your business the care and personalized service that is not always available with big companies, which are cold and uniform. While these companies may be fast and may show some profitable gain, they are not always able to deliver the results that you want to achieve for your business.


In this day and age, all companies, either big or small, are looking for the most effective way to use SEO. But the biggest question is whether it’s best to use a smaller marketing firm or one of the larger ones?  Of course the names of the big boys, Bluekia, Conductor, Yellow Hammer to name a few get to pick their clients because of their name. But with those name comes the problem of being lost in the shuffle and lack of personal touches that comes with going with a smaller marketing firm.

Because the market seems like it changes on a daily basis, smaller firms seem to be better able keep up with these trends, as they are usually run and controlled by one person, as is the case of Black Arrow Marketing. But with a larger firm, you must go up the corporate ladder of the management team  to get to the  CEO, in order to make any campaign changes. By the time this is done, new trends have already flooded the market and the ladder affect starts all over again. Where with a smaller firm those critical decisions can be made in a timely manner, keeping your campaigns current with the trends rather than playing catch up.

Also, when looking at the long run of your marketing campaign, when working with a smaller firm, usually you are on the ground floor. A smaller firm will already be looking at how they can keep you as a client for the long haul, when larger firms may have 20 clients waiting to take your place. Since a small firm may only carry 10 or so clients you also have the advantage to talk with the CEO and Management team directly, giving you the upper hand because you don’t have bureaucratic channels to go through to get to the people that make the decisions.

So when thinking about about engaging a small or larger marketing firm, take into consideration how you want your campaigns to be handled.

Don’t let your business be just another account that a firm is handling as part of their business model. Allow Us, Black Arrow Marketing, to get to know your business, develop marketing campaigns based on your goals and company niche market, and start growing your business today!