If You’re Not Using Social Media, Than Your Cash Register May Be A Little Empty By The 2nd Half Of This Year!

As social media and ecommerce become increasingly enmeshed in our lives, the opportunities for them to interact with and bolster each other are innumerable, considering that the average person spends around an hour and 40 minutes browsing social media every day, and the number of internet shoppers in the US will reach 217 million this […]

Summertime Is Here, So How Do YOU Stand, eCommerce Sales Wise?

Yes, summer is here, well, it’s officially here this Friday, June 21st. but if you’ve been anywhere near a television set, you know that it seems every 10 minutes your show’s break for a commercial with someone offering the “Best” summertime deals. So how and what are you doing with your eCommerce store to get […]

Mobile eCommerce in 2019. Are You Doing All You Need To Do?

Mobile eCommerce provides retailers the ability to reach consumers on a wider scale, which is a benefit, but with that benefit come thousands of competitors who are just as anxious to take advantage of these avenues. Mobile commerce might offer more scalability for brands, but at the same time could open them up to attacks […]

Is Your eCommerce Store And It’s Data Secure?

If You Answered Yes, Are You Really Sure? Are You….Sure? You’re looking forward to a great 2019 sales stream this year. You’ve put a good deal of time into analyzing the data you’ve gathered from various analytic programs, looking into your website viewers time on your sites landing pages and just where they broke off […]

Are You Missing The Revenue Boat By Not Engaging Your Customers Where They Congregate?

Effective marketing is about optimizing your messaging to appeal to your target audience, but messaging won’t matter if the audience never sees it. Meeting your audience members where they spend their time is crucial, and here’s a tip: If your customer base is online, it’s on social media one-third of that time. If you’re not […]

Getting Your Share Of The Buy Online And Pickup At The Store Revenue Stream

While the overall totals of how retail sales really this past holiday season did won’t be available until stores release their 4th quarter results. There is enough evidence in already to prove that stores that provided the ability to have their customers shop online and pick up their purchases at the store did a tremendous […]

2018 Holiday Shipping Schedules. Do You Have ALL Your Ducks In A Row?

Why Do I Need To Know Holiday Shipping Deadlines? For online sellers, getting orders out on time is crucial for a successful holiday season. Last-minute shoppers will expect ways to make a purchase days before December 25 and still get it on time. If you want to guarantee delivery by Christmas, you need to know […]

Good Housekeeping Before The Holiday Visitors Arrive!

Yes, it’s now November, at least just about Mid – November and like most homeowners, anyone that owns an eCommerce store knows that before the holiday guests on in their case, holiday shoppers come to visit, they need to make sure their house (their stores) is in shape to receive them. Like a house, their […]

Here are the Tips and “Tricks” that should be covered prior the “Trick or Treat” Season.

October is here and customers are ramping up to begin what has become a holiday tradition of skimming their favorite on-line stores for incentives for capturing their holiday dollars. For the eCommerce store owner, now is the time to put your holiday plans into effect. You know what items you need to promote. You know […]

It’s Fall, And The Crunch Time Is Fast Approaching!

Meteorological Fall began this year on Saturday evening, September 22nd at approx. 9:10 Pm. While we’re not putting the clocks back just yet, (that happens on Sunday, November 4th at about 2AM. It still signals for us, that the “Crunch Time” for getting our eCommerce stores ready and able to take on the influx of […]

Yes, It’s Only The Beginning Of September, But Is Your eCommerce Store And Your Staff Ready For The 2018 Holiday Shopping Season?

And yes, we just did a recent post about the upcoming Holiday Season in regard to your webstore. But because the 4th quarter is usually the “Make or Break Month” this important selling season needs to be discussed a bit more. And I’m not saying that there won’t be a few more follow-up posts regarding […]

Yep, It’s Summer,,,, So How’s the Online Sales Coming?

The hot summer sun has been shining down on us for a few weeks now. But have the summer doldrums hit your online store and impacting your bottom line? While the past holiday hectic shopping season is long past, now that its July, how are you engaging your customer base to keep them attentive to […]

Increased Revenue Needs Exposure AND Easy Navigation and Checkout Functionality!

If you’re a small business owner, then you know that its easier to keep an existing customer than to acquire new ones. Keeping existing customers is a must for any business, but especially a small business owner. Usually, they return to your store to make an additional purchase, why? Because you won them over by […]

Seo, And Why You Still Need To Be On Top Of Your Writing Game

Ok, May has arrived and if you own an eCommerce store or any website that you’re looking to drive traffic to and from, you need to focus on what’s out there today that is trending and what topics and phrases are the buzz right now and probably will be for several months. We all know […]

Getting Your Share Of The eCommerce Pie

Selling to consumers is as old as mankind itself. From the beginning, there was always someone who had something that another person would be willing to first barter or trade for and later to pay monetarily for. In the 21st century, the basic equation hasn’t really changed much at all. Only the means of which […]

March Is Almost In The Books! Is Your Ecommerce Store Fined Tuned To Pay Off?

By now, you’ve added up all the pluses and minuses from this past year’s holiday season. If you haven’t, what are you waiting for??? Its the end of the 1st quarter! And hopefully, you’ve had a good season. But if you haven’t, or perhaps the positive cash-flow didn’t meet your expectations. Have you found the […]

Marketing 101 for 2018. Stay Focused On Creating Good Content! SEO Is Still The Key!

So, you started an online business. So how well or poorly did you fare during the past holiday season? Did you get good traffic? Were the website visitors there, but more importantly, did they click on that “Add to Cart” button to put some shekels in your coffers?? If not, if you did not see […]

Engagement Marketing For 2018, Are You Doing It Yet?

Well, you should! It’s all about engaging your niche group of followers, to your online store, and your social media platforms. Engagement and follow-through will be big factors on just how your sales will do this year. Everyone is looking for that oomph factor to retain and grow their client base. After all, it’s a […]

Capitalizing On Holiday Sales Data Should Give You An Edge For Increasing Sales In 2018

Last year’s holiday sales volumes accounted for just about a third of the retailer’s eCommerce sales during the period from Black Friday through Christmas Day! This is according to’s analysis of the data. Which worked out to be about $80 Billion Dollars. This year the estimates have already been blown away by preliminary figures […]

Orders Have Been Made And Shipped… But How Many Are Coming Back?

This year like last year the expectations for a record breaking eCommerce sales crescendo are in the making. Online retailers are smiling from ear to ear as they see their online sales orders increase from Black Friday up and through Christmas day. But with the good also comes the bad. They know they can expect […]

Are You Ready To Take Advantage of FREE SHIPPING DAY, December 15th 2017?

If you had a slow start gearing up for the holiday wave of online shoppers clicking around with their credit cards in hand, it’s still not too late to get a piece of that holiday pie. After all, we are just coming off of Green Monday, which should have put some green into your coffers, […]

It’s Happening! The Make Or Break Time Of The Year!

Are YOU getting pumped? Well if you’re tracking your orders the past few days, since Thanksgiving morning right on through Cyber Monday, you should hopefully be seeing the rewards of all that you have done to prepare for the rush of holiday shoppers. In fact, the express train of shopping should go at the same […]

Is Your Online Store Ready For Visitor Overload?

Having your online store have a hiccup any day can cause you to have a bad day. Having that same problem or maybe a server issue with handling all that increased traffic can come close to you having a heart attack. Well, maybe not that severe, but this kind of traffic problem can sure take […]

It May Be the 1st. week in November, But Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales Have Already Started!

Ready, Set Shop!! Black Friday is on Friday, November 24th. but this year top retailers are already slashing prices and marketing sales items with up to 30-45% savings, just to get the jump on the retail market since Thanksgiving is a bit early this year. This year, retailers are referring to the weekend after Halloween […]

2017 Holiday Shipping Schedule, A Handy Guide.

Just so you have the schedule handy we thought we would provide you with an “All Inclusive List of Days that the shippers are closed for the 2017 Holiday Shopping Season. Along with the time frame for expected delivery in time for Christmas Arrival. This way you can provide the same on your websites for […]

Is Your eCommerce Store Ready For This Year’s Holiday Smartphone Commerce??

According to eMarketer, this year’s holiday shopping will probably exceed expectations as far as projected growth for online stores. Even though competition will be fierce with consumers being able to compare store specials against one another via their smartphone apps. Taken from their monthly publication: “US retail ECommerce sales are expected to jump 16.6% during […]

Halloween Starts It! Are Your Plans Laid To Capture That 4th Quarter Bonanza?

October is here, and you already have your Halloween decorations up in your stores, or if not a physical building, you are probably setting the stage on your website to begin promoting your products that have that Ghoulish look and feel about them. But if Halloween is not upper-most on your mind, the holiday shopping […]

Is Your Website Waiting to Resolve? Are YOU losing Potential Sales Because of It?

Even though it’s just the end of the month of September, the Autumn season is knocking at our doors. The stores are all marketing their Fall and Back To School Deals and consumers are spending their minutes on their mobile smart phones comparing prices and looking for the best deals.  Are you and your eCommerce […]

Just How Well Is Your Website Doing, Conversion Wise?

September is upon us and the summer sun has started to set a bit earlier each day. Are you ready for the soon to be upon us holiday shopping season? Is your website performing and meeting your expectations? Are your conversions, increasing, staying or averaging the same or worse, are sales dropping off? If you […]

If You’re Not Ready For School, Then Your Already LATE for Class!

Ok, it’s now the 1st week of August!  And you may just be starting to see “Back to School” ads on the TV. Right now they are teasers but think again. For an eCommerce store owner. You should already have your plans laid to be sending out your email blasts, newsletters, and promotion ads to […]

Notice Any Drop In Sales The Last Few Weeks?

We are all watching our orders, hopefully coming in on a regular basis. But some e-retailers may be noticing a drop in orders against their numbers from last year. During the summer months, unless your offerings are sunshine specific, your orders may be falling off a bit. Is this happening to you? Spring is in […]

Is Your Domain Name Registering As Being Secured??

Well, if you want a good page placement on Google Search, it had better be! Indicators are coming in that Google prefers Https over the old Http! It was stated by an exec at Google, that when two web pages are otherwise equal, the search engine prefers HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) sites, pushing the […]

How safe is your company information with the employees that work from home?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a large company or a small business, looking to grow. If you use remote employees to provide you with necessary services, you may be losing some productivity time yourself, wondering if you’re getting your dollars’ worth out of that employee, during a work-day when you really can’t monitor their activity. […]

Spring Clean Your Workplace

Now, we don’t mean getting out the Clorox wipes and scrubbing down the top of your desks, we really mean making sure your office and workers stations are “Clean” against possible security gaps. Here are a few ways for businesses to protect themselves against a data breach For businesses large and small, misplacing documents, files, […]

So, Just How’s Your Brand Doing For YOU?

Every startup needs two things at least to get themselves out there selling online. The First: Is a Logo! This is probably the first thing you should be considering even before a web designer puts mouse-pointer to photo-shop.  After all, most websites, at least the ones done by professional web designers incorporate the color scheme […]

Are YOU Hitting The Mark When It Comes To The KEYWORDS You’re Using?

Keyword usage is probably one of the greatest things you can do to help you gain recognition for your brand and the products your selling. Building up an online business is tricky. It is when you think you have the perfect formula for any real- time business to succeed, that you begin to realize your […]

Managing Your Domain Names—Refresher Course for eCom-Business’s 101

If you own an online business, chances are that you also own several domain names pertaining to your online name or branding. Whichever the case, domain name management, just like brand management, is not without its problems, especially if your domain names are registered at several different domain registrars, have different expiration dates, pricing, and […]

What is Augmented Reality Marketing?

How can it help in gaining more sales? Marketing is the means by which companies employ a range of strategies to help them sell their products to the right customer. … Augmented reality is one of the newer forms of strategies adopted by companies who use it to combine elements of print and online advertising. […]

Is Your Website Really As Mobile Friendly As You Think??

Well, we hope so because Google is going to start ranking both your mobile presence side by side with your desktop version and together, the combined results will determine your ranking. A few weeks ago, the news broke that Google’s starting the “mobile-first indexing of the Web”, meaning that they are beginning to index the […]

E Commerce Holiday Sales Sailed over Brick and Mortar Stores in 2016

Things looked a bit shaky at the onset of the 2016 Holiday Shopping season. All the hype about the presidential elections seemed to overshadow this most important time of year for retailers. While a significant percent of shoppers in the days following the election said they would cut back on spend due to the election, […]

2016 Holiday Shipping Schedule

Just so you have the schedule handy we thought we would provide you with an “All Inclusive List of Days that the shippers are closed for the 2016 Holiday Shopping Season. This way you can provide the same on your websites for the convenience of your holiday customers. Along with providing this to your holiday […]

Holiday Sales Depend on Mobile Readiness! Are You Ready?

Ready for the Holiday Rush?? Is your mobile presence what it should be to help capture those hurried searches of the masses?? Data research suggests that consumers plan to use their smartphones to shop during small windows of free time they have available this holiday season, rather than during the traditional one-day rush. Data from […]

Why Product Reviews And Social Media Rankings Are So Important to Your Holiday Sales.

So about now you should be gearing up for the upcoming holiday shopping season, right? So how are your product reviews and overall ratings doing? Your ranking is out there for everyone to see and you want to make sure you’re putting the best face on your store’s name/brand out there for everyone that may […]

Should YOU Think About including A “Wish-list” Feature On Your Ecommerce Website?

Running an eCommerce website is not an easy task. You have to take care of implementing a lot of best practices to establish trust with the visitors, entice them to view your products or services range, and finally, encourage them to take the leap of ordering from your store. Below are some useful tips to […]

Summertime Website Prep Tips to Get Ready for the Fourth Quarter Rush

The heat and lazy days of summer may be on your mind right now — not the holiday season. But fourth quarter is only a “Blink” away, and now is the time to focus on making your website ready for the busiest selling season. Here are three ways to do that: Optimize your website for […]

Are You Gearing Up for Mobile Advertising? If Not, See Why You Should Be

We all know that social media has increased each year from its inception of just being a “Cool Way” to stay up on what your friends are doing and later as companies realized that they can reach out to their own customer base and exponentially grow their footprint via social interaction the use of social […]

The Summer Olympics are In Full Swing! Know What Else? Yep, The Fall and Holiday Shopping Season Prep.!

Ok, we spoke prior about the Summer Olympics happening this year in August, in fact the opening cerimonies just took place this past Friday, the 5th, in Rio and the USA Team is making us proud! We ended with a question asking just what plans you should be looking at making in order to hit […]

Ok, Don’t Look Now, but it’s Mid-July!!

What are your plans for getting in on the end of summer marketing blitzes out there for your business?? This is a follow-up to our last post concerning the Summer Olympics that are happening this year in Rio. The Games start on Friday, August 5th and conclude on Sunday, August 21st. If you don’t move […]

Tapping Into This Year’s 2016 Summer Olympic Games

This year’s Summer Olympics are being held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from the 5th to the 21st of August. If you made your marketing plans already, then your already promoting products that can be tied into those summer sports that will be featured during the Olympics. It is estimated that $260 million dollars in […]

You Better Believe The Customer Is The Boss!!!

2016 has been termed the year of the customer!!! Not really surprising, every year can be named that since we all rely on customers to make our businesses float and be profitable. The key is to constantly be attracting new customers to our stores. One key factor in the year of 2016 is that our […]

25 Years of the Web Design through the Years — How Does Your Site Compare?

This may seem trivial to some internet sellers but we think it is still relevant today. Your website is usually the first thing a person looks for regarding a specific product or service. Remember, that first impression a person has when your site resolves, sets the tone for who and what you are as a […]

So Just What is Content Marketing……And are YOU Doing it Right??

Wikipedia’s definition of “Content Marketing(as of this moment of writing)is; any marketing that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire and retain customers. Content marketing is also defined as a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a […]

Ideas for Marketing for the Month of May – 2016

May is good for content marketers. The month includes many holidays and events, giving marketers compelling, timely topics to cover. So just what is content marketing?? Content marketing seeks to attract, engage, and retain customers through the process of creating, publishing, and distributing articles, videos, photos, or similar content targeting and promoting a retailer’s products. […]


Holidays and observances in every season are a way for retailers to keep their brands and specialty products at the forefront in consumer’s minds. With a new year’s arrival, and some of the late winter and early Spring holidays and note-worthy events already past, we wanted to remind you that there are still many note-worthy […]

Ways to Combat Shopping Cart Abandonment

Imagine if shopping in the real world were the same as shopping online. You walk into a supermarket or a department store, start filling up your shopping cart, only to be suddenly distracted by seeing a friend that you haven’t seen in a long time.You promptly forget about whatever it is you were thinking of […]

GTINs or UPC’s required per May 16th!

If your advertising your products on Google Shopping with PLAs and are using PPC to gain visiability, then you know that Google announce a bit ago about the need to have UPC’s for every product you would like to have listed on Google. Well for those new to Google advertising we have put together a […]

2nd Quarter marketing tips for 2016

Ok, for all intents and purposes both St. Patrick’s Day and Easter are now behind us. What’s next on your marketing “To-Do’ List for 2016??? The months of April, May, and June are full of email marketing possibilities centered on traditional retail events like April Fools’ Day, Mother’s Day, and the beginning of summer. June […]

Considering making the move from Yahoo Small Business to another eCommerce Platform??

Many Yahoo Small Business owners, approx. 1 million strong, are taking a long hard look at the feasibility of keeping their business on the Yahoo eCommerce platform. Yahoo has long been instrumental in helping newbies to eCommerce set up their on-line stores. In the beginning the customer support was very detailed and was easy to […]

Is It Possible to Optimize a Site for Digital Assistants?

Search engines are evolving in strange new ways. Mobile searches have overtaken desktop searches (at long last), and competitors like Bing and Yahoo are growing more and more like Google every day, unifying the capacity of every major search brand. As if that weren’t enough, a wave of digital assistants like Siri, Google Now, and […]

So, What’s Going To Be The “A” Game in Marketing for 2016 ??

With the 2015 holiday shopping season in the past, everyone finally has time to take a look at how they did for the season and for the overall year. By reviewing this information, we can determine what worked and what didn’t work for our own business – and the businesses of our competitors and big-named […]

The Top 10 Marketing Trends That Will Define 2016

If relevance, context, and effective delivery aren’t the topic of regular conversations in your marketing department, 2016 is going to be a frustrating year for you. Businesses need to keep a clear focus on the needs and expectations of their customers—a group that’s diverse and fragmented, with high expectations and little patience for anyone who […]

Valentine’s Day search marketing tips or Watch Out – Cupids Gathering Up His Arrows

With Christmas just behind us, Internet retailers will hardly have time to catch their breath before Cupid pierces us with his Valentine’s Day arrow, providing another seasonal opportunity to garner sales from retail stores, to online and mobile shopping. According to The National Retail Federation, consumers will spend $20 billion on purchases related to Valentine’s […]

Video Ads Will Be A Big Player for 2016 Internet Marketing

2016 looks to be a great year for online marketing. Advances in mobile technology, smartphones, tablets and in hot-spot retail locations will be a big factor on how retailers get their message out to their customers about what to buy and when to buy it. Video ads will start dominating this year: Video ads are […]

Why Digital Assistants May Soon Replace Search Engines

There was a time when a “personal digital assistant” referred to a now-obsolete mobile device that served as a precursor to the modern smartphone. Today, our digital assistants have a much more literal—though still incorporeal—form. Apple’s Siri and Google Now are just two popular examples of how voice recognition software have been applied to meaningful, […]

If You’re Holiday Campaign Failed, Start Working on Next Year’s Right Now

The holidays have arrived, and we can put paid to the 2015 holiday shopping season. How did your marketing plans end up in reaching out to your current or to new markets. Why do the holidays seem to sneak up on us every single year? As much as we try to prepare ourselves for family, […]

Magic Moments this Holiday Season – Is Your Mobile Presence Ready to Go???

Ready for the Holiday Rush?? Is your mobile presence what it should be to help capture those hurried searches of the masses?? Data research suggests that consumers plan to use their smartphones to shop during small windows of free time they have available this holiday season, rather than during the traditional one-day rush. Data from […]

Black Friday – Cyber Monday – Green Monday – Super Saturday — Holiday Name Droppers

Many consider the holiday shopping season to be a make-or-break proposition: A strong online sales season can make the whole year a success, while a weak holiday sales season can spell disaster. After the rush to local retailers on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving, traditionally the first day of the holiday gift shopping season) […]

Shipping Information YOU NEED To Keep in mind this Holiday Season

Make sure you are ready for the 2015 holiday shopping-Shipping season. We have gathered together a list of information we think you will find helpful in making sure your store is ready for the increase in sales volume expected between November and Christmas. With the sales, come the shipping and the experience your customers have […]

Push Pull Marketing: What It Is and How We Use It — Every Day!

All advertising can fall into two broad categories – Push and Pull. Push advertising tries to push products towards customers using big ads and attention-grabbing claims to put products into the minds of customers. On the other side of the coin, Pull advertising targets the right customers at the right time and pulls them towards […]

Here are the basics strategies that should be covered prior the “Trick or Treat” season.

October is here and customers are ramping up to begin what has become a holiday tradition of skimming their favorite on-line stores for incentives for capturing their holiday dollars. For the eCommerce store owner, now is the time to put your holiday plans into effect. You know what items you need to promote. You know […]

Here are 8 Marketing Tips You Should Consider Before Opening for Business:

Are you in the process of starting a new business? Perhaps you’re doing a grand Re-Opening or launching a re-design of your eCommerce store?  Before you get ready to launch, take a second and think about your marketing plans. How are you going to start getting the customers in the door? Sure you’ve heard opinions […]

Switching to Shopify? We Can Help!

You may have heard that Shopify now has an agreement with Amazon to migrate customers’ accounts over to the Shopify platform, with no interruption to the services currently being rendered. Merchants who currently have a Shopify store, will be able to cross-list their products on Amazon’s marketplace. This would allow store owners access to a […]

Watch Out !! The 2015 Holiday Shopping Season is Right Around the Corner

Summertime is winding down and you think you can take a breath from pushing and fulfilling your summer time eCommerce orders.  Guess again. With the end of summer near, it’s time to ramp up your on-line store to get it ready for the expected increase in traffic from those must have holiday shoppers.  It is […]

Why Google Trusted Stores

For those who know and those who don’t, the Google Branded “Trusted Stores Check Mark” appears on Product Listing Ads, (PLA’s), which gives retailers, who qualify, and display it, a bump up over their competition.  It is this visual endorsement displayed in a product listing ad that can help to put that sale into the […]

Here are 5 Reason Your Social Media Marketing May Not be Working for You

Social Media is a big thing in marketing. Just think about it, more than one billion people are active on Facebook while another 100 million people use Instagram every month. When you look at those numbers you begin to see the potential in social media marketing. This is over 1 billion people that you have […]

Here are 4 Important Lessons We Brought Back From IRCE 2015

The Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition of 2015 came to a close on Friday, June 5th. The convention itself was a mixture of fun, excitement, knowledge passing back and forth, and constantly being busy! All in all, it was definitely a success, and well worth the trip, including the long days and longer nights. Having […]

Here’s your 2015 IRCE Checklist

It’s the end of the week, and the close of the business day is approaching. There are a million things racing through your mind, and one of them is the fact that Internet Retailer Conference Exhibition will be kicking off Tuesday morning. Yes, you read that right! It’s here already. If you’ve attended any IRCE […]

Will You Be Attending the 2015 Internet Retailer Convention Exhibition?

The Annual Internet Retailer Conference Exhibition is set to begin June 2, 2015 and run till June 5, 2015. The event is expected to draw approximately 10,000 e-commerce leaders (and maybe even some beginners) from all over the United States. IRCE is the “Oscars” of the e-commerce industry. This allows you to rub elbows with […]

3 Great Reasons You Should Have a Company Logo

Your company’s logo is what allows consumers, new and existing, to recognize your company, business, product or economic entity. This is one of the first things that makes you stand apart from your competitors. The use of different colors, fonts, shapes, and designs speaks to the individuality and uniqueness of a company or brand. A […]

7 Examples of Business Ethics and Integrity

Integrity is defined as the strict adherence to a moral code, reflected in transparent honesty and complete harmony in what one thinks, says, and does. The success of your business often lies heavily on the shoulders of the public, customers, and even employees. To win over these three groups, you usually want to be sure […]

Are You Ready For Google’s Newest Algorithm Update?

Google’s newest algorithm update is set to roll out on April 21, 2015, and has the potential to have a greater impact than Panda or Penguin. This update will gauge mobile-friendliness, and use it as a ranking tool. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you could be dinged in the SERPs when someone is searching Google using a […]

6 Post Holiday Marketing Tips

The holiday season can be a marketing dream or nightmare for store owners, depending on how their stores perform. Often times, after the holidays, we typically see stores scale back on marketing efforts, figuring the busy season is over. This should not be the case. You should be driving sales now, even after December 25. […]

Are You Ready For Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

In just under four weeks, many of us in the United States will be sitting down with our families in celebration of Thanksgiving. Following the festivities of Thanksgiving Thursday, many retailers (e-commerce and brick & mortar stores) will hopefully be inundated with Black Friday shoppers. Many of the online retailers will have the double whammy, of […]

10 Successful E-Mail Marketing Tips

Email marketing can be a tough pill to swallow for some store owners, but it doesn’t really need to be. E-mail marketing is a tool that can be very beneficial, if used properly. This cost effective tool will allow you to get to know your customers, while allowing them to get to know you at […]

Here are 11 Tips for the 2014 Holiday Marketing Season

Tis the season for holiday marketing. Many e-commerce retailers began their holiday marketing in September-October. When will “you” roll out your marketing campaign? What steps can you take to ensure that your customers have an enjoyable shopping experience as they traverse your store? Here are 11 Tips for the 2014 Holiday Marketing Season: Utilize Your […]

How to Protect Your Online Reputation?

(Article from, Dr. Chris Anderson, Cyberinvestigation Services Inc.) 1. Protection. First, businesses need a program to regularly encourage satisfied customers to write reviews. From there they need to build out additional content on the Internet so that positive material eventually occupies their first page results on Google. Anderson notes that it is much more effective […]

Google AdWords Geo-Targeting

Excerpts from Lisa Raehser. Many PPC advertisers who need to geo-target their audiences can find it challenging to find the volume they need when limiting to location. Since some searchers limit cookies or browse privately, this can further reduce reach. Advertisers can improve ROI by being more creative in their targeting methodology. There are several ways to […]

25 Years of Web Design through the Years

Excerpts from Cheryl Conner When the internet emerged more than 25 years ago, the first websites were resplendent with scrolling marquee text, flashing lights and bright sparkles. It felt like a visit to the Red Light district every time a user connected to the brave new Internet World via a modem at the blistering speed […]

Starting an Online Store

So you’re in the process of starting an online store. You’ve identified the product niche you wish to promote and sell. Established your relationships with the necessary vendors for supply, chosen a platform that best fits your business plan for profit margins, and purchased your domain name.   You’re now ready to build your ecommerce […]

Is Social Media the Next Big Thing?

Years ago, when you wanted to know how your friends were doing, you’d either ring them up by telephone or pay them a visit and shoot the breeze for hours. Fast forward a few years, and the only thing you have to do now is Log into your FaceBook page, search their name, and see […]

Algorithm Change

Google, quite often, changes its algorithm (computer programs that look for clues to give you back exactly what you want). Google’s algorithm searches out Web pages that contain the keywords you used to search, then assigns a rank to each page. While some of these changes are minor, some may have a HUGE impact on […]

White Hat/Ethical Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is the importance of White Hat/Ethical SEO? First, we must understand what Ethical SEO is. White Hat SEO refers to SEO strategies that aim to build a quality website over the long term by focusing on a human audience, and follows search engine rules and policies. White hat SEO techniques include creating unique, high-quality […]

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