eCommerce Sites

Looking to start selling On-Line?? Want to expand the geographical borders of your brick and mortar store by offering your products for sale via the internet? Black Arrow Marketing is skilled in providing you with the means to make your on-line store a reality. Our team of account managers are knowledgeable about the most popular eCommerce platforms available. Platforms like Shopify and Yahoo, (Our Main Performers), Volusion, Megento, Big Commerce, Netsol 1-Shopping Cart and others.

We have found Shopify, to be one of the best platforms in which to work off of and sell your product lines. It is very robust and has a wide array of ad-ons (widgets). Ever experience slow server times, with the Shopify platform you won’t. Shopify can serve over 100,000 page loads per minute and a peak performance rate of 500,00. Never have a frustrated potential shopper again because of page load times.
Have you looked into installing a Checkout Abandonment application? Naturally you think you will be paying an additional fee for this type of functionality, but NOT with Shopify. Their program, “The Abandon Checkout Recovery” tool, will automatically send out an email to those potential customers to get them back to your store and make that purchase. This will help put more money towards your bottom line!

You know that Google has made it mandatory for all eCommerce stores to be mobile friendly. You have heard about responsive websites that make this happen and if you have, you also are aware of the high costs involved that go into making a responsive eCommerce store. With Shopify you can select various themes that are already built responsive at no additional cost to yourself. Click here to go and get started with building your brand on the Shopify platform.

Yahoo Merchant Solutions is one of our tried and true platforms, one that we are very familiar with.  We recently began incorporating ‘Responsive Design” formatting/programming into the Yahoo platform. This type of programming now allows your store to be viewed by anyone with either a Mobile, Pad, Desk Top or Laptop device.  Thus eliminating additional expense in having your store use a 3rd party app in order to appear on mobile devices. Which was the trend the past several years. This allows you to save on yearly licensing fees, eliminating that extra interface which is no longer needed with a store that is now “Responsive”!

Let the programmers at Black Arrow Marketing take the mystery out of programming your new store and get you up and selling your products in no time.

One tried and proven rule in creating either a new eCommerce Store or doing a Re-Design of an existing store is that your website not only needs to perform. But that initial first impression a potential customer has when they come across your store, has to make an impact, visually!  Black Arrow Marketing has a group of talented web designers that are serious about their work and will provide you with a site design that will make that web visitor’s first view of your store not only impressive, but it will also incorporate current internet design standards so that the design itself will enable it to be indexed by the search engines, which is a MUST!

Whether you have 5 to 5,000 products to sell, contact one of our sales representatives here at Black Arrow Marketing to discuss how we can make this happen for you.  Remember our goal is make you successful in selling your products online.  As our slogan says, “We will get you Out of the Red and Into the Black.  Let us help YOU, help yourselves!!
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