Summertime Is Here, So How Do YOU Stand, eCommerce Sales Wise?

Yes, summer is here, well, it’s officially here this Friday, June 21st. but if you’ve been anywhere near a television set, you know that it seems every 10 minutes your show’s break for a commercial with someone offering the “Best” summertime deals. So how and what are you doing with your eCommerce store to get in on the possible windfall of sales tickets that can make your store turn a profit during these hot, summer months?

Let’s face it, summer can be a slow time of the year for online purchases. Unless you’re dealing with sunglasses, sandals, suntan lotions or thongs…. Well, let’s stay away from the thongs for his post, ok?

Let’s face facts, for most e-commerce stores, summertime means lower revenues, with gross sales dropping by as much as 30% from the top sales months like November, December, and January. Customers are out enjoying their vacations or hitting up the beach, which means they’ll be spending less time on their devices and making fewer purchases overall.

If you’d like to keep your sales hot this summer, you’re going to need to be smart and look for creative ways to sell your products during the slow summer months. To help you on your way, here are some tips for keeping your e-commerce store thriving and sales sizzling throughout the summer.

Push your Summer Product lines:
Some products practically sell themselves in the summer. Sunglasses tend to perform well most years, while things such as sportswear, backpacks, and watches are generally good overall sellers. By thinking about which items will sell particularly well during the summer months and shelving the ones that aren’t likely to do so well, you’ll be able to keep your business thriving during the summer. If your a service provider, look for ways that you can use the hot summer months to your advantage to gain an edge over your competition by creating informative blog posts or Facebook posts to show you and your “friends” followers just what you have to offer that would be a great fit for them and why they need the type of services you have to offer.
This will take some work on your part as you need to be able to show a need that you and you alone can provide for them based on your experience and your ability to satisfy your existing customer base!

Be Smart About Your Inventory

You’ll want to plan ahead and buy smart. Before upcoming holidays such as Labor Day or Black Friday! And yes, we said Black Friday. It may be the end of June, but the clock is ticking and it’s not going to be too long until that holiday shopping season is upon us. That’s 165 days away until Black Friday makes itself felt, and you better be ready to take advantage of all the hype the news media will be tossing around, about retail and eCommerce sales.

Try to negotiate deals with your vendors so that you can pass the savings on to your customers. And be smart and promote those sales savings so that your social media platforms can promote you in the best possible way. This way you can possibly get a bigger sales reach because of the push that social media can provide. If you try to buy smart and keep your prices tempting to your customer base, you can sell as many products as possible.

Package Your Products Attractively

Consider listing items under upcoming themes for holidays and events, such as Back to School or 4th of July. Stuck for ideas? Here’s a list of holidays that you may not even know exist. Or try bundling products by offering recommended products as Amazon does. Be sure to give discounts — shoppers love to purchase multiple items if it means they get a better deal. Shopify offers a Product Bundle plugin that makes short work of bundling. This plugin also makes it easy to run BOGO promotions, further increasing order sizes.

You can talk to the store marketing team here at Black Arrow Marketing and let them show you how you can integrate this plugin into your existing store. And if you’re NOT on the Shopify platform, you should be and the professionals at Black Arrow Marketing can show you how you can move your eCommerce products onto a Shopify store and explain how easy and quick it is to get yourself ready in time for this year’s shopping season.

Give Black Arrow a call today @ 888.225.4780. But call soon because as we said above, the 4th quarter clock is ticking and you better be ready for when the alarm goes off!