Why Google Trusted Stores

For those who know and those who don’t, the Google Branded “Trusted Stores Check Mark” appears on Product Listing Ads, (PLA’s), which gives retailers, who qualify, and display it, a bump up over their competition.  It is this visual endorsement displayed in a product listing ad that can help to put that sale into the approved store owner’s cash till, instead of a competitor, who is NOT a Google Trusted store. The Google “Green”  Check Mark, shows that the store, which has been approved to display it, has taken that extra step to have their store verified by Google to be a “Trusted Store”.  It takes some work and is definitely not an automatic approval, it usually takes 30 to 90 days based on the store size to go through the approval process.  But remember, with this badge you are showing your customers that your eCommerce store has been endorsed by Google!


When you submit your eCommerce store to Google to be accepted, you are allowing Google to acquire significant data about your store.  I.e. items sold, various shipping options offered, delivery schedules, customer emails and customer feedback.  Google uses this information for announcing to the sites visitors the reliability and integrity in shopping from the store.  Again, this is only if the store meets with (Google’s) approval standards. Key metrics looked at are that orders must be shipped in the same time frame that is specified on the site.  Customer complaints if any should be resolved and in a quick and friendly manner and these complaints should be minimal.


The Google Trusted store badge when viewed by a potential customer provides the shopper with an additional level of security that this store is reputable and you can shop from it, with a higher measure of confidence and trust. The badge usually appears in the lower left hand area of the store and when clicked on, displays a larger graphic which includes a “Star Rating” graphic and a site verification via a link statement from Google.  Customers who purchase from an approved Trusted Store can opt-in to participate in a free purchase protection plan from Google itself.  With this protection, customers can contact Google directly to resolve any complaints.


The Google Trusted Store program has been around since it’s beta testing days of June 2012 and during this period has allowed Google to acquire a large amount of data from these approved stores that helps Google measure shopping habits and trends that Google uses in their own marketing strategy.  More and more stores are applying to acquire the Google Trusted badge because it marks that store as one that a consumer can trust, which in turn helps lead to increased sales.  After all, wouldn’t you rather shop from an eCommerce store that has been recommended to you rather than from an “Unknown” store based on a random search?


To learn more on how you can have your eCommerce store join the Google Trusted stores family contact us here at  info@blackarrowmarketing.com  or call us at 1-888-225- 4780 and we will be happy to discuss what it takes to have your store become a “Google Trusted” store.