Yep, It’s Summer,,,, So How’s the Online Sales Coming?

The hot summer sun has been shining down on us for a few weeks now. But have the summer doldrums hit your online store and impacting your bottom line? While the past holiday hectic shopping season is long past, now that its July, how are you engaging your customer base to keep them attentive to what you have to offer now and more importantly as the summer wanes and people start thinking “Back-to-School” and then the onset of another holiday season ramp-up?

One thing that you need to implement, now if you haven’t already, are promotions that are geared to gain you momentum, especially if you’re targeting your social media outlets.
Promotions help maximize your consumer engagement throughout the year by offering shoppers new reasons to visit your store and different ways to spend their money. In addition to giving new customers a reason to take the purchase plunge, consistent merchandising and promotions that support your product mix also give loyal customers reasons to come back again and again. This matters because it is much easier, and cheaper, to maintain existing customer relationships vs. acquiring new customers.

As your repeat customer base re-visit your store because of a special coupon drop or other incentives that you have notified them of via your email campaigns, they expect new promotions displayed prominently on your website. Just as most big box stores regularly change displays, it is important to ensure there is new content to keep shoppers’ attention and continue driving engagement.

The most successful online retailers set a defined process around where, when and how they update their online store images, banners, marquee and featured products to create variation. Remember, research stats have discovered that it can cost up to 5X’s More to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one! It’s vital now than ever before for eCommerce store owners to understand that an acquisition-focused strategy, without a renewal strategy, is a set up for profit loss. Which can ultimately end in decreasing sales and a lower bottom line.

A key business quote states that “Existing customers are already yours. The most important opportunity for continued growth is to KEEP THEM”!
This is very important as it makes your repeat customers aware that something is always happening on your eCommerce store and it’s worth the time they will spend on it to click on your promotions, that should be easily displayed so it catches their attention.

We mentioned above that it’s important to create promotions geared to the interests of your repeat customers and ones that can be used to gain new customers by targeting social media outlets, along with email marketing campaigns. We all know that we should be targeting messaging that coincides with national and contemporary holidays. But if your business has a hard time leveraging itself to fit with existing standard holidays, try creating your OWN holiday-themed promotion. After all, before Amazon created their “Prime Day” they say increased growth, but with the marketing endeavor of making Prime Day an offer day that you would not want to miss they saw a sales increase of more than 60% compared to the previous year and sales from that day alone outperformed Amazon’s 2016 Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined. Dunkin’ Doughnuts saw its sixth-highest day of foot traffic ever on National Doughnut Day in 2017. Establishing your own promotional holiday with consistent messaging and a consistent time of year can help turn a valley into a peak on the chart.

If you are looking to get your sales back on track to gear yourself up for this year’s holiday sales season, then you need a plan of engagement for your existing customers, along with acquiring new ones. Give Black Arrow Marketing a call to discuss how such a plan can become a reality.

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