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Web Design

Web Design

You currently have a brick and mortar store front. You are doing well but are ready to take that next step to expanding your business to selling on-line. What do you do? You’ve done some checking on the internet and find there are hundreds if not thousands of companies out there that say they can build you an eCommerce website. Who do you choose??

You’re new to retail. You don’t have a retail location yet but you have a great product line. You know you can be successful if you just have the means to get your products out in the world for people to see. What do you do??

You contact Black Arrow Marketing! info@blackarrowmarketing.com

Our team has the knowledge and the expertise to create an on-line presence for you, to enable you to start selling your products on-line. The reason we are successful at what we do is because we take the time to get to know you, “Our Client”. Besides our introductory call and exchange of contact information we send out a questionnaire asking questions that help us to “Flesh Out” the project which in turns helps to make the store build that much easier. You will be introduced to your Account Manager. This person is your link to everything related to our creating your eCommerce store.

Your account manager will guide you through the whole process. From design, through programming, through instructions on how to go about populating your new store. When your store is completed and properly checked out to make sure everything is working the way it is supposed to, your account manager will provide you with some useful information on how you can go about marketing your new store so you can get the qualified traffic you need to convert that traffic into sales.

Find out How Black Arrow Marketing can take the guess work out of creating your new eCommerce Store.

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I’ve built my new eCommerce store. It has a great design, a good solid navigation structure and good product images with well over a thousand products listed. So the search engines should be able to rank my site pretty high right??

Wrong !, the sad fact is, that being indexed by the search engines is much harder for an on-line store than for an information website. One of the biggest factors is that your product information is most likely coming from the manufacturer. Just think about it. Thousands of eCommerce stores are selling the same products you are, from the same manufacturer, maybe you are selling them at a lower price for whatever reason, but I’m betting the product descriptions are all the same. This is why you and your competitors do not do as well when it comes to being indexed by the search engines. One of the best ways to get around this is to write unique product descriptions for all of your products.

Black Arrow Marketing has the staff in place to help with this. We can write unique product descriptions for you that will make you products stand apart from your competitors which will then give you a better chance of being indexed by the various search engines. Google being one of the most critical of non-unique content.

Also keep in mind that your product section pages need that same kind of attention so that your sections also do well in product searches. Remember the better your content is the higher you will be ranked.

Black Arrow Marketing has gone the extra mile to research and stay on top of Google’s requirements for being found when someone is doing a product search. Take the time to contactBlack Arrow Marketing: 1-888-225-4780 or email us at info@blackarrowmarketing.com and let our experienced SEO staff answer your questions on the best way to implement a successful SEO campaign.

Below are what we recommend being implemented in order to make your store rank higher in not only Google but the other engines as well.

Unique Product Descriptions
Unique Section Page Description
Unique Meta Keywords
Unique Meta Descriptions
Title Tags
PLA Associated Keywords working together with Ad campaigns.



Looking to start selling On-Line?? Want to expand the geographical borders of your brick and mortar store by offering your products for sale via the internet? Black Arrow Marketing is skilled in providing you with the means to make your on-line store a reality. Our team of account managers are knowledgeable about the most popular eCommerce platforms available. Platforms like Yahoo, (our specialty), Volusion, Megento, Big Commerce, Netsol 1-Shopping Cart and others.

Yahoo Merchant Solutions is one of our tried and true platforms, one that we are very familiar with. We recently began incorporating ‘Responsive Design” formatting/programming into the Yahoo platform. This type of programming now allows your store to be viewed by anyone with either a Mobile, Pad, Desk Top or Laptop device. Thus eliminating additional expense in having your store use a 3rd party app in order to appear on mobile devices. Which was the trend the past several years. This allows you to save on yearly licensing fees, eliminating that extra interface which is no longer needed with a store that is now “Responsive”!

Let the programmers at Black Arrow Marketing take the mystery out of programming your new store and get you up and selling your products in no time.

One tried and proven rule in creating either a new eCommerce Store or doing a Re-Design of an existing store is that your website not only needs to perform. But that initial first impression a potential customer has when they come across your store, has to make an impact, visually! Black Arrow Marketing has a group of talented web designers that are serious about their work and will provide you with a site design that will make that web visitor’s first view of your store not only impressive, but it will also incorporate current internet design standards so that the design itself will enable it to be indexed by the search engines, which is a MUST!

Whether you have 5 to 5,000 products to sell, contact one of our sales representatives here at Black Arrow Marketing to discuss how we can make this happen for you. Remember our goal is make you successful in selling your products online. As our slogan says, “We will get you Out of the Red and Into the Black. Let us help YOU, help yourselves!!
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