Pay Per Click (PPC) with or without PLA management

We work to not just bring traffic to your site, but qualified traffic. All websites are not the same, so why should marketing strategies be the same? Unlike other companies, we do not use an automated system to run your PPC campaigns. You will have a dedicated team of experts managing your PPC campaigns on a daily basis.

We will provide you with a detailed report showing your site’s activity. We work on creating  the best key word strategy for you in an effort to keep your costs as low as possible. Our goal is to produce high revenue orders with your campaigns.

We, your entire team, are available to speak to you, to talk, knowledgeably to you about your account, your campaigns, and your products. This communication is key to helping us understand your overall goals which will help improve your accounts performance. The more educated we are on you and your products the better your  campaigns can be tailored to what your customers are looking for in order to convert.