Is Your Domain Name Registering As Being Secured??

Well, if you want a good page placement on Google Search, it had better be!
Indicators are coming in that Google prefers Https over the old Http! It was stated by an exec at Google, that when two web pages are otherwise equal, the search engine prefers HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) sites, pushing the secure domain to the head of the line.

This has been talked about for a while now, so if your domain name isn’t secured, what oh what are you waiting for? Unless you don’t want to be found easily by those using Google.

Let’s face it. Internet hacking is in the news more today than ever before. If you don’t know what HTTPS stands for, the laymen’s term is that the “S” stands for “Secure Socket Layer”. This is all part of the internet technology that encrypts your connection from hosting on a server to bring up your website to a general search. Right now, this is the best way to prevent any hackers from getting at your data. Basically, the “S” indicates a secured level of hosting that prevents hackers from gaining sensitive information, like your customer’s payment information or login credentials.

There are a few other enticements to making sure your domain is secured. One thing that seems to have risen to the top of why your website should be secured, is that it will do better with SEO placements over an “NON” secured website. Basically, this means if your site and another site are essentially comparable and vying for top rankings for a particular keyword, (and we know how expensive a good Keyword can be!), the addition of https in your domain could be enough to give you the edge and secure the top spot. It’s thought that this particular algorithm ties into the nexus of what makes most of Google’s algorithms tick – the desire to offer its users the best possible user experience. And a secure experience is generally preferred over a non-secure experience.

The Best Reason is that it KEEPS YOUR WEBSITE SECURE!!! Back in the early days of eCommerce. When you purchased your domain name and it was associated with a secure server so that you could begin the process of taking internet transaction, remember that little gold lock up in the Left-hand corner of your browser URL area? Well, that along with the “S” was your indicator that your website was secure. Now Kayce Basques, a technical writer at Google, says all websites, even those not handling sensitive data, should use https for protection purposes, saying “One common misconception about HTTPS is that the only websites that need HTTPS are those that handle sensitive communications. Every unprotected HTTP request can potentially reveal information about the behaviors and identities of your users.” And as we mentioned in the beginning of this post. With the growing amount of hackers attacking everything from a Starbucks customer info account to dealing with government agencies and causing havoc there, it’s a given that most people anymore just won’t visit very many websites that are not secure. Whether they view these sites to shop online of just browse them to see what the latest fashion styles are.

If you’re like me, then you may have had issues with Malware bombarding your computer. Now luckily there are enough preventative programs out there that routinely scan your computer, for these little bugs and purge them, or isolate them on your computer so they can do no harm. But getting into the habit of only visiting secured websites (https:) can help prevent a lot of time and worry on your part.

There are a few other reasons why you’d be wise to protect your small business website, by being Https secured, and chief among them is the switch to a mobile-first mentality.

If you’ve read a few of our earlier posts, then you know mobile shopping has come to stay and is probably the most compelling driving force when it comes to making or breaking an eCommerce business, especially around the holidays, AND they are FAST apporachin!!

Much has been said and written about the need to make websites mobile responsive and mobile friendly. This has been the talk of the town for at least the last 3 years! Technical considerations such as page loading speed are par for the course. The advent of Google’s mobile-friendly index has forced website owners to all have a mobile friendly web/shopping experience. This was rolled out as AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages).

Google developed AMP to ensure that content loads faster on mobile devices. AMP content appears prominently in the search results and is designed for the users who go online on a mobile device. AMP has an important role to play in optimizing for mobile and it needs https to work.

Increasingly, modern browsers and most progressive web apps require https to perform properly, so if you haven’t yet added https to your website, it could be only a matter of time before you have little choice in the matter.

Now, as we said earlier, this topic has been on the various forums and newsgroups for a period of time now. But if you still haven’t made the switch over to getting an Https:/ secured domain and would like more direct information on how to go about making the switch, give one of our account managers at Black Arrow Marketing a call @ 1-888-225-4780 today and get yourself set for “End of Summer Sales” and what’s more, the soon to be Holiday Shopping Season. Yes, we know it’s only Mid-May, but in order to get your eCommerce website tuned-up for the incoming sales and getting your marketing in line as well to push consumers to your website there really is not too much time left. So go ahead, give Black Arrow Marketing a call today and let them get you “Out of the RED and into the BLACK! Call today!