3 Great Reasons You Should Have a Company Logo

Your company’s logo is what allows consumers, new and existing, to recognize your company, business, product or economic entity. This is one of the first things that makes you stand apart from your competitors. The use of different colors, fonts, shapes, and designs speaks to the individuality and uniqueness of a company or brand. A well designed logo also goes hand in hand with the marketing of your company. So with all the good that comes with having a logo, why am I noticing so many start-up businesses missing them? Here are 3 Great Reasons You Should Have a Company Logo:

Brand Recognition
Your company’s logo is a telling demonstration of your business’ identity. Using coloring, imagery and different fonts, the display tells a story about your company, while at the same time allowing your customers to identify with you. Often times, a corporate logo is what closes a sale. When searches are being performed, customers who are familiar with your logo are more likely to click on your ad to complete the sale, providing their previous experience was pleasant.

A nicely designed logo, very often, speaks of the professionalism of your company, which is very important if you’re a small business. Customers usually look for logos and other company information, such as an ‘About Us’ page to determine how credible an e-tailer is. Not taking the time to invest in a company logo leaves many shoppers uncertain about closing a sale, and they may very well go to the competition.

Standing Out from Your Competition
Your logo is what sets you apart from the competition. This is one of the first things that many customers look for when shopping. This weekend, I went into the mall to buy myself a new pair of sneakers. As you can imagine, shopping in the mall offers tons of options. However, I was easily able to narrow that search, because before I ever walked out of the door I knew that I was after the sneakers with the swoosh design. Sure, there are plenty of competitors with similar items, but my experience with their products have always been a happy one. This is what keeps me coming back.

Your logo is your company’s signature. It proves that you are the legal owner of a specific brand, and even protects you from fakes and forgeries attempting to cash in on your work. If you do not have a logo, get with your designer as soon as possible. Come up with a design that is distinctive and easy to spot. Your logo should coincide with your company name, and be created in a legible font. Don’t forget probably the most important step, once your logo is created have it “COPYRIGHTED”!

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