6 Post Holiday Marketing Tips

The holiday season can be a marketing dream or nightmare for store owners, depending on how their stores perform. Often times, after the holidays, we typically see stores scale back on marketing efforts, figuring the busy season is over. This should not be the case. You should be driving sales now, even after December 25. Check out these 6 Post Holiday Marketing Tips that will help bring in sales after the New Year:

1. Provide Coupons
Provide a coupon code with items purchased during the holiday season, making the code effective into January. Offer a deal that the customer would find attractive. Offering a 10 to 20 percent discount is a good incentive to get shoppers returning to your store, and may be the selling point that gets them to buy now. Offer this coupon on their “Order Confirmation Page” This way after they receive their orders from your store, they will be more apt to make use of that coupon after having a pleasurable shopping experience.

2. Run Marketing Campaigns Until End of Year
Email, search, advertising, PR and social media campaigns should continuously run until the end of the year. Keep in mind that many people have returns and exchanges shortly after the holiday season. Many also have gift cards and cash gifts that they are ready to spend. Entice them with email campaigns promoting after holiday sales!

3. Follow Up on Abandoned Cart Sales
People will often visit your website, select a product, and abandon that cart without completing the purchase. Studies have shown that the average cart abandonment rate is approximately 67.89%. Try capturing an e-mail on these abandoned carts, and send a reminder that they have not completed their purchase. Most platforms have customer retention products that can help you decrease your cart abandonment.

4. Re-target Visitors
Use AdWords or Facebook ads to re-market to the most interested audience. As stated in Step 3, re-marketing to users who abandoned during checkout or who have viewed a product page can help close a sale, where it could have been a missed opportunity. You can even extend your time frame and create a list of people who purchase this year and re-market to them next year.

5. Use Social Media
Stay active on social media. Provide rewards in the form of a coupon code, for those who stay connected. Often times, a coupon code will provide more incentive for a customer to visit your site and close a sale.

6. Run a Post-Holiday Contest/ Giveaway
Run an online contest encouraging pics of the worst or craziest holiday gift received, or the funniest holiday story. Provide a 5 percent discount to each person who enters. At the close of the contest, provide the winner with a larger discount (20-50 percent), or perhaps a free item. Those who did not win the main prize still have a coupon code, that’ll entice some to buy. The overall winner would be ecstatic to use their huge discount.

Remember, the holiday season is a short time. While it does require a great deal of marketing, you should always be considering what to do before and after the season. Your website does not work for you if you do not work it. Provide coupons, extend marketing campaigns, re-target abandoned carts and visitors, use social media, and run contests and you should really have a Happy Holidays selling season!