Are YOU Hitting The Mark When It Comes To The KEYWORDS You’re Using?

Keyword usage is probably one of the greatest things you can do to help you gain recognition for your brand and the products your selling.

Building up an online business is tricky. It is when you think you have the perfect formula for any real- time business to succeed, that you begin to realize your concept of traditional marketing does not work in online setting. While traditional marketing uses the gift of gab, Internet marketing utilizes the perfect combination of words or terms, unique for just your type of business niche. You need to utilize the right combination of words or terms, unique for a particular website that you’re marketing. In fact, the written word plays a pivotal role in online success. So, how do you know you’re doing it right?

On the internet, keyword positioning is one of the first things you need to look at: it can make or unmake your dream of hitting the mark as far as your sales go. Remember, your marketing money does not have limitless boundaries and anyone of your competitors can challenge you, after all its an open playing field. Search Engine Optimization, where keyword positioning is a primary factor, is the bus that takes you to your ultimate destination.

By definition, keywords are searchable words or terms that refer to a specific subject matter. The main purpose of selecting keywords properly is to ensure that when an online user searches for a product, he types on the search bar keyword or phrases that are relevant to the information he/she seeks AND exactly the keywords or phrases that would bring him to YOUR website – obviously, with the end-view of making a purchase.

Targeting keywords for your website is a challenging task, but there are proven ways on how to come up with a list that can work. Here are a few tips:

What to target:

Target keywords based on the names of your product, the brands you carry, nature of your service, or by the use of terms that are popular among online users when they search for products or services similar to yours. Targeting only keywords that are highly relevant to your business assures you that the traffic you need is already going to other, like on-line stores.
You can take a good look at all the help you need that is available online. There are tools available that rank keywords according to the number of clicks they generate or how in demand these keywords are among the present crop of searchers.

Internet Marketing Service is an umbrella of strategies, such as article marketing and link building to name a few, but each of these strategies is anchored on pre-selected keywords and keyword phrases. The success or failure of the total marketing campaign begins on keyword positioning.

How to target:

1. Analyze keyword demand. This is simply determining, which keywords search engines have ranked high, depending on how many times these keywords were used by online searchers when they accessed search engines for information. However, it does not stop there. Are these the keywords that can generate the desired traffic to your website?

2. Create your own list of keywords: based on your products, services and ideas.
As apples cannot fall far from the tree, so should your keywords. They should describe your products or service, not your competitor’s. Unique words, phrases or combinations of the two will help you anchor your keyword selection as your own.

3. Know your competition: Who are your competitors? Which keywords have delivered to them the most number of traffic? Make a list of these keywords and decide which ones you could target as well.

4. Conduct performance reviews: .Determine your past performance among search engines and find a list of your own keywords, which performed well in the traffic department. If you did it once, you can do it again!

Internet Marketing-Keyword Specific: may be highly competitive, with strategies that never remain constant, but it has never swerved away from the basic, choose good keywords and these will take care of your online success.

Like anything worthwhile, this takes work. Remember the old adage? “If was easy, everyone would be doing it”. Finding the right keywords and using them correctly so they are seen by the search engine is a never ending task of research and testing. We all know that Google is the key player on how your performance is judged and it is a necessity that you are all over Google, what they are currently doing and what will be happening on the horizon.

There is never a time when you can sit back and let your campaigns run on their own. If you do, then you’re going to find your competition has taken a major step ahead of you. The game of internet marketing, specifically the use of the most relative Keywords is a game NOT to be taken for granted. You need to keep your eyes open and constantly analyze the data on how your performance is doing against the overall cost of those Keywords and the campaigns you are using them on.

Well, that can be another topic for another day, Keywords and the Campaigns you build to showcase them.

As always, if you’re looking for help in keyword generating or would like a professional to have “Eyes-On” your Keywords account, then just give the knowledgeable team at Black Arrow Marketing a call 888.225.4780 and let us help you generate the kind of results you are looking to achieve with your Keywords marketing campaigns.