Are You Ready To Take Advantage of FREE SHIPPING DAY, December 15th 2017?

If you had a slow start gearing up for the holiday wave of online shoppers clicking around with their credit cards in hand, it’s still not too late to get a piece of that holiday pie. After all, we are just coming off of Green Monday, which should have put some green into your coffers, but there is still time to capture a good amount of those holiday orders until Jolly Old St. Nick climbs down the chimney.

The first is probably the easiest one to implement. If you have any kind of online store, it should have the capability to offer a promotional banner area right at the top of your home page on page load. These areas are probably the most useful as you can provide a visual impact of what you want to promote, offer better shipping rates, and sales deadlines that any visitor will see as soon as they visit your site. This also follows through to your shopping cart page where most now have the ability to provide a text or banner in-lay message that you can control to provide that last-ditch effort to entice that shopper to add to the order value. Some based on the functionality of your website can offer current order value amounts and let you promote a “Free Shipping” plug if their current “Order Value” is a little shy of the amount needed for Free or Express shipping.

Other ways to make use of this prime real-estate is to present an offer via a Coupon Code that can be used on a particular purchase. Or providing an online countdown on when various promotional deals will be over with. This provides a message of urgency that some visitors may be intrigued by and make a purchase accordingly.

You may even want to promote a countdown as to when a shopper needs to have their shopping completed in order to have their gifts arrive before December 25th. There are major chains like J.C. Penny that are using this marketing idea to again, promote a sense of urgency on the shopper so that they can click on that “Add to Cart” button at the checkout.

For those last minute shoppers that are really stressed out. It might be a great idea to promote Gift Cards, promoting the message that with the click of their mouse, all they need to do is select the right monetary amount they would like to give and when they purchase it. They receive their gift card by way of an email, instantly. Naturally attractively created so that it is another marketing theme for the store.

Promoting your Easy Return and Exchange Policy. This can often time sway that shopper if they have seen like items on other sites but may not have had a good experience is viewing this important part of holiday shopping. Making a flexible policy apparent helps close more sales. Shine a spotlight on how long shoppers have to exchange or return products. If the policy is 30 days or less, consider extending it through at least the middle of January. This gives gift recipients time to unwrap and check out their gifts. It also instills more trust in your company.

Customer Service, even online, goes a long way in converting an on-the-fence shopper into a happy customer. If your site has the capability of offering “Live Chat” functionality, now is the time to implement this feature. But, and this is a big But. Make sure if you offer it, offer it correctly. Don’t just have the function there with an Away Message in place for the person to email you. If they wanted to do that, they would have simply used the Contact US function of your site. An On-Line Chat feature is just that, instant chat. Make sure your call-reps. are well trained in your store, its navigation flow and most importantly your products, return and exchange policy. And make sure they provide accurate information. Now is not the time, or better yet, never the time to provide information that is inaccurate to any would-be customer.

Checkout Page Shipping Deadline Reminders. Consumers that shop for holiday gifts want to know if their order will arrive in time. Be sure to list cutoff times for various ship methods in the header of the page, or in the immediate area where they select the shipping method of their choice. If possible, also include notations next to the ship method options. Use terms like “arrives by Christmas” or “may not arrive by Dec. 25.” Be specific and leave any downtime up to the carrier service that provides your shipping.

If you follow the above steps for making your site easy to use while promoting both your products and the policies you follow, you should do well in capturing those last minute purchases that many people are looking for this holiday season. And don’t forget the re-marketing advantages that the holiday season affords you with! But that a topic for another blog post, right around the corner.

Happy Promoting!