Here are 5 Reason Your Social Media Marketing May Not be Working for You

Social Media is a big thing in marketing. Just think about it, more than one billion people are active on Facebook while another 100 million people use Instagram every month. When you look at those numbers you begin to see the potential in social media marketing. This is over 1 billion people that you have the chance to connect with, build a relationship, and ultimately turn them into customers.

If you’re already on a social site, and the return hasn’t been what you expected, perhaps you just have to be a little patient. Believe it or not, a solid social following isn’t grown or built overnight. However, what if it is you that’s actually turning the users off? What if you’re inadvertently diverting them away from your social pages? Here are 5 Reason Your Social Media Marketing May Not be Working for You:

You’re Advertising Too Much
An abundance of advertising can be a huge turn off for some shoppers. This is especially true when it comes to social media. Many people logon to their social sites to check up on current events, check current status updates, get the news, and like a few pictures. When you flood your customers news feed with offer after offer they began to feel inundated, which usually results in them looking for the unfollow button.

You Don’t Interact With Users
People sign into social media looking to socialize. Allowing your customers to comment and Like your posts, without responding could be doing yourself a great disservice. You’re not allowing yourself to build relationships with your customers, which could ultimately send them to shop with a competitor. People often like to do business with people they know. Make your audience feel like they know exactly who you are.

You’re On Every Platform
Of course, you want your business to be seen and recognized any and everywhere possible. However, because there are so many social platforms, to be on everyone can drain you. After all, you’d have to build customer relationships across each platform, interact with users, and keep all social avenues updates. Doing all of this can easily make you forget to update one specific site, or begin to slack off on user engagement on another. The best thing to do is figure out which platforms work best for you, and have a wider portion of your audience. Once you’ve located the platform that your users frequent, cater to that site. Give it your all and build up a core audience. After you have secured a solid following, try your hand at another site. Remember, this platform should be the second social site where the majority of you users congregate. Rather than wait for users to come to you, you go to them.

You’re Posting Too Much
Users like to see variety when they look down their news feed. If you’re posting something every 10 minutes, you may be directing your followers to the unfollow button. If you are using Facebook, 1-2 update per day would be great. However, if you’re on a site such as Twitter, you can get away with doing 5 or 6 posts per day.

Develop a Personality for Social 
Develop a personality for your social sites. This allows people to feel like their actually dealing with a human rather than an entity. One great way of developing a personality is to put a picture other than a company logo or item as the default picture. This now makes your users feel like they’re actually communicating with the individual shown in the image. They’re now allowed to make a connection with a human, while you wow them with service and make your business more memorable.

Social media marketing is huge, and very profitable, when done properly. Be sure to present yourself as a representative of the business, with a little personality, rather then be the business themselves. Your main objective is to use these tools to gain attention and brand recognition. While it is okay to occasionally show sales and items, your social site should not be used as a storefront, but rather as a tool to get them to forward on to that storefront. Interact with users, share content, and even like their posts as well. Usually, they’ll return the favor, and even remember who you are.