Here’s your 2015 IRCE Checklist

It’s the end of the week, and the close of the business day is approaching. There are a million things racing through your mind, and one of them is the fact that Internet Retailer Conference Exhibition will be kicking off Tuesday morning. Yes, you read that right! It’s here already. If you’ve attended any IRCE Convention in the past, then you know what to expect. Tons of information, plenty of people, booths galore, and so much more! However, if you’re attending the convention for the first time, there are a few, not so obvious, items that you may want to bring along. Here’s your Checklist:

Business Cards
How embarrassing would it be if you’re meeting new colleagues, potential clients, or even partners but cannot present a business card? Because we live in a world where one can usually locate your contact information from places like LinkedIn and your website url, many people opt to do without them. However, what many people don’t realize is that a good business card speaks to the direct nature and professionalism of your business and brand. After all, your card does have your company logo imprinted on it, correct? You may even have a catchy slogan that’s memorable printed on it as well. Make sure everyone you meet remembers who you are, and recognizes your brand when they see it.

Good Walking Shoes
One thing that many people may not consider is that IRCE requires a lot of walking. This is especially true if you have not rented a display booth, but rather plan on visiting them. Remember that Internet Retailer has been the largest e-commerce event in the world since 2008, and 2015 is expected to have record numbers. There will definitely be enough informational booths and seminars to keep you on your feet for quite some time, perhaps walking miles (combined) by the close of the event.

Personality is everything! While it is true that people like to do business with the best, people also like to do business with people that present themselves well. Smile as much as possible, while being as personable as you possibly can. While this will come natural for some, others may have a hard time. If you find yourself in this category, practice in front of a mirror. This allows you to put your best foot forward, and leave clients, guests, and partners walking away with a warm feeling about you and your company.

Sleep is one of the main things you want while you’re at IR! As much as you can get anyway. Because IR is such a busy event, I find that many people miss the opportunity to catch their full 8 hours. However, there are still opportunities. Take any and every chance you can to refresh your mind and regroup your thoughts, allowing you to leave everlasting impressions.

While many wouldn’t expect mints to show up on a Checklist for Internet Retailer, it is always a plus to have them handy. Please keep in mind that on most days registration will begin at 7am, with the convention closing for the day by 6:30pm. That gives you eleven and one half hours of walking, talking, and let’s not forget eating. With that being said, any opportunity to stay fresh should be fully taken advantage of. This is especially true for you smokers.

Internet Retailer offers many gifts. Sometimes, too many! Many of the vendors and exhibitors on the floor usually offer a little swag for those passing by. These little trinkets can really add up, depending on how many booths you attend.

Get out to IRCE 2015, mingle and make them say ‘Wow!’ Make yourself memorable, and always put your best foot forward. Whatever you do, make sure you complete the Checklist!