Holiday Sales Depend on Mobile Readiness! Are You Ready?

Ready for the Holiday Rush?? Is your mobile presence what it should be to help capture those hurried searches of the masses?? Data research suggests that consumers plan to use their smartphones to shop during small windows of free time they have available this holiday season, rather than during the traditional one-day rush.

Data from Google and Ipsos MediaCT’s “Consumer Holiday Intentions Study 2015″ shows that 54% of consumers plan to shop with their smartphones during their spare time throughout the season, small junctures that marketers hope to turn into magic moments. Matt Lawson, director of performance ads marketing for Google, refers to these bits of time as “micro-moments.”

You’re busy and you know your customers and potential customers are busy between jobs, their families, school activities and social commitments. There are not enough hours in the day to commit to some serious holiday shopping. One thing today that most people have in common is that they are tied to their phones. So they take advantage of any down time they may have in order to do some gift browsing of their favorite on-line shops. That is where the smartphone technology has risen to the forefront in this year’s upcoming holiday shopping.

As Google Trends’ data shows, searches for gifts were fairly consistent from October to December with fewer spikes on the historical key shopping days. Data also shows engagement with shopping ads increase by three times when products show up in the top ads on mobile. Increasing budgets and bids to ensure that your top products are easily discoverable on mobile will reach consumers doing a quick search during their shopping micro-moments. And if those consumers have lost their way or abandoned their shopping cart, use remarketing lists in search ads to tailor your shopping bids and reconnect with them.”

Capturing consumers’ attention during these micro-moments can have big dividends, too. The data from Google Analytics also shows that the amount of online shopping done with smartphones has surged 64%, and the information revealed that 30% of online purchases occur on mobile phones.

Of course, consumers aren’t just using their smartphones at the point of purchase. They are relying on their devices throughout their shopping journey. Take the research phase, for instance. According to Google’s global search data, mobile shopping-related searches have increased more than 120%—catching up to those on desktop. And according to Google and Ipsos MediaCT’s data, 52% of consumers intend to use their smartphone before visiting a store this holiday season.

Consumers are also using smartphones to break the chasm between the physical and online worlds. The aforementioned data set shows that 82% of mobile shoppers will review information on their phones while in-store. In addition, Google’s year-over-year September data indicates that people are conducting 37% more mobile searches in department stores. The key is this year, consumers will be using their devices to compare prices on the items they are interested in and using that information to haggle with the sales person trying to get the best deal they possibly can. So again, is your eCommerce store “Mobile Friendly” and optimized as much as it can be for quick, easy searches?

But remember, just because people are using their smart devices more this year does not mean that they will be using their device to make a purchase. They may want to call in an order or walk into a store. Make sure that you have formats such as local inventory ads, click-to-call, and location extensions enabled and are able to measure all of the different ways that consumers convert.”

So when exactly should you begin? All the data points to NOW! Prior to Halloween, Sixty-One percent of shoppers will have begun researching holiday purchases before Thanksgiving weekend, according to Google and Ipsos MediaCT, and that can be a conservative estimate—that’s a 17% increase, still, the die-hards will wait until later in the season to purchase. Another report from marketing software company SteelHouse shows that 48% of shoppers say they complete the majority of their shopping on or before Cyber Monday also, 25% of shoppers say they began their holiday shopping even before Halloween arrived.

So take a good hard look at your mobile platform and make sure it offers a potential customer everything he/she are looking for when doing a product search this holiday season. If you would like to discuss how Black Arrow Marketing can get your eCommerce mobile presence up to speed and help you to make those conversions, just contact us at 888.225.4780 or send an email to: