If You’re Not Ready For School, Then Your Already LATE for Class!

Ok, it’s now the 1st week of August!  And you may just be starting to see “Back to School” ads on the TV. Right now they are teasers but think again. For an eCommerce store owner. You should already have your plans laid to be sending out your email blasts, newsletters, and promotion ads to your existing client base.

After all, very soon the college bound students will be packing up and getting ready to make their marks in their new college dorms. Or if they’re commuting from their homes then you still have to make sure you are targeting them as well. After all, dorm or bedroom, college is a big step in any young scholar’s life. And you want to make sure what they are looking for in making a statement about college life is easily seen on your website if you carry products related to anything to do with studies.

E-commerce for the back-to-school season will grow 14.8% to $74.03 billion in 2017. That represents 8.6% of total back-to-school retail sales—online and offline—for the period, up from the 7.8% share last year.

Shoppers, Mom’s and Dad’s who are shopping their fast growing children and “Younger” consumers as well, that shop in preparation for going back to high school and college actually prefer shopping online, so e-commerce growth should continue for the foreseeable future.”

Five product areas play an outsized role during the back-to-school season:
• Apparel and accessories
• Books, music, and video
• Computers and consumer electronics
• Office equipment and supplies
• Toys and hobbies, including sporting goods

Back-to-school e-commerce sales in these core categories during July and August will exceed the quarterly growth rate for e-commerce overall at 15.8%, reaching $37.56 billion.

It will also be in marked contrast to the poor growth numbers of brick-and-mortar stores in these core areas. Even apparel, which traditionally has been bought in stores, is increasingly moving online

So you should use this time of year as a pre-holiday season test balloon. Make sure your eCommerce website has passed all the right tests of being user-friendly. Make sure your “Focal Point Sales Area” on your page is doing what your web designer says it’s supposed to be doing. Drawing visitor’s eyes to what selling points you want to call their attention to.

Make sure all of your focal social media elements are on point to draw attention to those people who follow you on a regular basis. And if you haven’t created a social marketing campaign to reward those viewers who already follow you to share your social marketing with their friends, then you’re missing a tremendous opportunity to build upon your follower base.
If you think this is all a bit overwhelming, then give the knowledgeable staff here at Black Arrow Marketing a call and let them provide you with a critique of your current website. And schedule a one on one call to discuss how they can help you manage your social footprint to get you the exposure you’re looking for to help drive those sales now, and more importantly for the upcoming holiday shopping season.

Remember now is the time to get everything in place so you can start on the right track to ramping up your sales for the 4th quarter.
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