Increased Revenue Needs Exposure AND Easy Navigation and Checkout Functionality!

If you’re a small business owner, then you know that its easier to keep an existing customer than to acquire new ones. Keeping existing customers is a must for any business, but especially a small business owner. Usually, they return to your store to make an additional purchase, why? Because you won them over by carrying the right combination of products and courteous service that makes their shopping experience an enjoying experience, rather than something they just need to do. But you have a brick and mortar store, where you can provide that individual attention that can win over a customer entering your shop.

But do you also offer the same shopping experience with your eCommerce store? What? You don’t have an eCommerce store!! Why would you NOT have one at this day and age? Surprisingly, you’re not alone. Current research stats state that less than half of small businesses are involved in eCommerce! And of those that do have one, fail to provide the navigation/search and payment features that most of today’s generation have come to expect from shopping on the giant eCommerce portals like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay, just to name a few of the heavy hitters.

After all, consumers today have the ability to compare products that they are interested in before stepping into any store. Some only come into a store after the decision has already been made to make the purchase. Because they did their price comparisons ahead of time, via their phones, tablets, laptops and finally their desktops. Although, research has shown they are more likely to make an online purchase using a desktop device then to take the effort to come into the store.

Mobile devices and near-constant internet access, have revolutionized the retail scene. More than half of consumers say they’re shopping online more than ever before, enabling them to compare products and providers in seconds and buy what they’re looking for almost immediately. To that end, 44 percent say they are more likely to research a product or service online than they were five years ago. When they are ready to make a purchase, consumers expect the online transaction to be fast, easy and secure.

When they do make that trip to your store to make a purchase, they are looking to get in and pay for their purchase as quick as possible. After all, they are now carrying with them smartphones, with apps that allow them to just flash their phones or now even their smartwatch like the Garmin Forerunner 645, the Fitbit Versa with the NFC chip and don’t forget Apple Pay! The key is to make the consumers shopping experience easy, fast and painless as much as possible. After all, the last thing you want a customer to have is a time-consuming experience at the checkout. Believe me, that kind of experience stays with them and can sour any idea of a repeat purchase from your store.

Being a small business today does not cut you any breaks! They expect the same simple, easy and seamless shopping experience at whatever size business they frequent. Yet many small businesses haven’t kept pace, and in today’s hypercompetitive market, failure to adapt risks losing customers.

In 2017, Bank of America Merchant Services surveyed consumers and small-business owners and discovered that businesses that are slow to catch up on purchasing trends risk losing business in the coming years. The survey also found that for small businesses to succeed, they must offer a shopping experience that allows easy multiple purchase checkouts, geared to online shopping. And if the shopper does not think the experience is worth their time, they simply will either cancel their order or if they do make a purchase, chances are it will be the last purchase they will be making at your store. Rule of thumb is: Today’s consumer wants what they want when they want it, fast and easy!

This research suggests that for small businesses to remain relevant and competitive, consumers must be able to find them and buy from them online. A user-friendly website with a professional look and a simple, safe way to make purchases is imperative, yet only 44 percent of small businesses operate an ecommerce website. Among those that do, few offer the features shoppers have come to expect, such as a streamlined interface and free shipping.

Many small businesses overlook the potential for ecommerce to increase their exposure and sales beyond local shoppers. Research has found that the lack of a confidence-inspiring online presence is hurting many small businesses’ ability to keep existing customers and win new ones. It is this reason alone, above all others that it is important for today’s small business owner to have a web presence that reflects the reputation the small business owner has established with their brick and mortar store over the years. By creating an eCommerce presence that is easy to use, navigate, search and most importantly, make that purchase, small business owners can even the playing field by expanding their customer base farther than the usual 25-40 miles driving distance.

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