Is Your eCommerce Store Ready For This Year’s Holiday Smartphone Commerce??

According to eMarketer, this year’s holiday shopping will probably exceed expectations as far as projected growth for online stores. Even though competition will be fierce with consumers being able to compare store specials against one another via their smartphone apps.

Taken from their monthly publication: “US retail ECommerce sales are expected to jump 16.6% during the 2017 holiday season, driven by increases in mobile commerce and the intensifying online battle between large retailers and digital marketplaces. At the same time, total retail sales will grow a moderate 3.1%, as retailers continue to experience heavy discounting during the core holiday shopping months of November and December”.

ECommerce sales are projected like last year to continue to climb and one of the factors to contribute to this increase is the continued and growing use of mobile devices, smartphones, tablets along with standard desktops and laptops use. The smartphone and other mobile devices are expected to increase the sales volume by over 57.8%! Which is a substantial amount that eCommerce store owners must take into account as they prepare their stores for mobile friendliness. Being able to provide the necessary information that a consumer is looking for, in a clean, fast loading and a searchable environment is essential to being able to capture those sales and turn the 4th quarter into a gain, instead of a break-even or at worse, a loss!

That’s not saying the brick and mortar stores will lose a lot of ground as well. They should see a respectable rise in sales growth over last year by about 3.6% due in part to buoyed consumer confidence, low unemployment rates with a track record of solid economic performance.

The timeframe of the holiday season continues to lengthen. Nearly a third of holiday gift buyers polled last year said they started their shopping in October or earlier. This year, it is anticipated that even more shoppers will start their holiday shopping early. We have seen already that some of the major retail chains have been promoting in-store sales and the marketing has been ramped up to coincide with the Halloween shopping atmosphere as well. This year, retailers know that they need to build up momentum early and keep it going in order to get their messages out there that they have what you want, and more importantly, at the price you are looking to spend in order to drop those items into your cart!

The shopping trends that started last year continue to focus around “Marketplace Shopping” with companies like Amazon and eBay at the forefront of online sales. But Walmart and Target have also been working hard to make it known that their prices are also comparable and with fast, usually same-day-pickups available, consumers can get the best price and have their purchase the same day. But again, it is essential that your website can be easily navigated via those portable devices.

If you would like a non-partial review of your current Ecommerce site. One that can offer suggestions and “Best Practice” recommendations in order to make your 4th quarter all that you need it to be. Contact the professional team of eCommerce experts at 888.225.4780. But don’t put off making that call. There is still time to make some adjustments to your online store but the clock is ticking and you need to act and call now!