It May Be the 1st. week in November, But Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales Have Already Started!

Ready, Set Shop!! Black Friday is on Friday, November 24th. but this year top retailers are already slashing prices and marketing sales items with up to 30-45% savings, just to get the jump on the retail market since Thanksgiving is a bit early this year.

This year, retailers are referring to the weekend after Halloween as the “Black Friday Season”!
And as such, they are offering sales that they hope will get the attention of social media shoppers that follow their promotions. The hope is that starting this early, and continuing to offer sales on popular items. Not just the “Lame Duck” items that they need to clear out of their inventory. They are offering sales on everything to fall and winter clothing, to small appliances, Tv’s and other electronic items, not the least new model laptops!

Amazon announced its Black Friday store is officially open, as of Wed. November 1st! With several weeks to Black Friday this still typically marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season and retailers including Walmart, Kohl’s and Dell all have Black Friday deals currently live.

With Black Friday ads leaking daily now, are you ready to compete with the Big Box Stores as they hit the holiday shopping season, hard and strong?

We’ve been talking about the upcoming holiday shopping season for several weeks if not all the way back in August. If you haven’t started your email blasts and are hitting the keyboards to get the momentum going on your social media outlets, you’re going to be losing major ground to your competition in your target niche market.

So what can you do now? Well, if you haven’t a plan yet, now is the time to give the team of holiday shopping guru’s at Black Arrow Marketing a call to help you get a plan together to capture your share of all the holiday cash before it’s swept up into your competitor’s sales drawer.

Remember, the internet allows the smaller stores to compete on an even keel with the large stores and even Amazon. But you need to have your ducks in a row and be ready to hit back hard on social media to push your brands and the top items you want to promote with your followers and more importantly, their followers as well. If you’re going to be successful and turn your 4th quarter into the profitable, revenue heavy stream most business rely on to make sure they end their year in the black instead of the bloody red!

Just a fact, last year’s sales combined for Black Friday and Cyber Monday saw a 3+% increase across the board from stores that were deemed, “Small Business”. And over a 3% increase is a healthy sales gain based on 2016 study models.

Shopify reported that at its peak, $555,716 in revenue was generated in a single minute on Shopify during Black Friday 2016. On Cyber Monday customers had spent $540 million by 10 a.m. With shoppers spending on average $289 during the Black Friday-Cyber Monday weekend in 2016, billions of dollars of sales are up for grabs over the course of just a few days.

One key factor to keep in mind that most of these online orders came from people enjoying the holidays at home while browsing on their smartphones. And it is expected that the lion-share of the orders for 2017 will be done via a smartphone or tablet device, rather than a laptop or desktop computer. So as we mentioned prior, having your mobile store ready to handle the influx of holiday shoppers browsing your store, it more important than ever to make sure your mobile presence, is easy to navigate and search. And LOOKS GOOD!

As we said, time is slipping away, if you need to get some advice or have your mobile presence critiqued by a team well versed in usability, then call Black Arrow Marketing, today, right NOW at 888- 225- 4780.

And, Happy PRE-Thanksgiving and Black Friday Shopping Season to you All!