So, Just How’s Your Brand Doing For YOU?

Every startup needs two things at least to get themselves out there selling online.

The First: Is a Logo! This is probably the first thing you should be considering even before a web designer puts mouse-pointer to photo-shop.  After all, most websites, at least the ones done by professional web designers incorporate the color scheme and ascetics of their overall website design based in part on what the logo of the store looks like.

The Second: Is a good, functioning website. One that is clean, makes a great impression when it opens up on page load, and has an easy, not complicated navigational and search function.

After all, your logo is YOU. It’s what your signature calling card, one that if done correctly will be known, (in a good way) by your customers as one they can trust.

Without a recognizable Logo/brand out there to give your company that extra “oomph” to get over the curve, it can be difficult to get the recognition you need, and the profits you want. Even if you are moderately successful already, without something that people can attach to, and that you can put all over the web, you won’t have the brand marketability needed to improve from moderately successful, e-Commerce store, to a smash hit,  this is the reality of the world today.

If you’re going to be tackling the world of internet commerce, your logo gives your company the personality and more important, the market recognition you need to succeed in the online arena.  A professional logo brings that sense of professionalism your company wants to be associated with.

Reasons to put that extra thought into the creation of Your Logo!

If you introduce your logo early on enough in a business plan, it won’t be long before that logo becomes recognizable in and of itself. This leads to easier, fun, more artistic ad campaigns that are instantly identifiable by even people who aren’t part of your consumer base. Even better, because you won’t need as much text in your internet ad—you can let your logo do the talking, the ad will seem less spammy, a problem with many internet ad campaigns.

Bring Color to your Site: A site without pictures or a change in monotonous text is a boring site for consumers, even if you are a business oriented site. Having a colorful or, at least, an appropriately styled logo can ease this problem by breaking the monotony and giving the eye a place to be drawn to. Remember this saying is as true in print or retail marketing today for eCommerce as it was in days gone by. “People shop with their eyes first, that first impression provides them with an idea of who and what you are as a business. Your website, which your Logo is the brand recognition of provides that first impression”.

Professionalism: Every great company has a great logo, and that is something you need to be aware of. But, the fact of the matter is, you can’t have a website with normal text as its header. No matter how great your company name is, or how awesome your product is, if your site looks poorly designed—which it will with simple text as a header—then no one will want to buy from you. With that in mind, you can put your company on the fast track to success.

Well, that should cover the importance of having a good, creatively designed logo to pin your brand to. Our next post will go into a little more detail about the basic elements of a full eCommerce website design and layout.

But if you have concerns about the logo that you currently have or are a startup, and looking to venture into the world of eCommerce and want to make sure your Logo speaks well for your brand and yourself, give Black Arrow Marketing a call and schedule a concise logo design analysis of your current logo or let us lay the groundwork for what branding type will work best for you and your business.  Call today 888-225-4780.