Why Product Reviews And Social Media Rankings Are So Important to Your Holiday Sales.

So about now you should be gearing up for the upcoming holiday shopping season, right? So how are your product reviews and overall ratings doing? Your ranking is out there for everyone to see and you want to make sure you’re putting the best face on your store’s name/brand out there for everyone that may be looking to purchase that product your selling.

As an eCommerce store owner, you have a big advantage over the large box stores that also have an online presence. You are looking at your store’s performance every day, multiple times a day, hopefully. So you have the ability to react to any negative comments that may show up in product reviews and also don’t forget social media platforms. Studies continue to show that product reviews are still a game changer in a person making a decision to buy from you.
You want to make sure you’re asking satisfied customers to write reviews in order for you to gain recognition. You also need to build out additional product content so that positive material eventually occupies their first page results on Google. This will serve as positive marketing and substantially helps a business’ credibility when potential customers search “Google” for your brand.
Usually, by the time someone has started looking at yours and other eCommerce owner’s reviews, they’ve already figured out their need/want, how a business might ideally fulfill that need/want and are now in the process of selecting a business.
The critical thing to note is that the mental gap between reading a review and making a decision to purchase from a business is a small one and typically results in a yes/no decision almost immediately. So as a small business, your online reputation can directly influence your bottom line.

But, how many consumers actually read online reviews? According to a survey conducted by BrightLocal, roughly 85% of consumers reported reading online reviews. Those that do, usually read up to about 6 before selecting who they are going to purchase from. Another survey conducted by Dimensional Research found that 90% of their respondents claimed that positive online reviews influenced their buying decisions, while 86% had responded saying that negative reviews impacted their decisions

So you can see how important it is to do a daily check on your product reviews, best if done multiple times a day. We know you’re busy, what small or even medium sized business owner isn’t? So a good trick is to make a time schedule to perform those checks on a daily basis and if you have the staff, this can then be delegated out to someone competent to oversee and has the authority to contact those “Non-Flattering” reviews to help make things right so that they, in turn, can post a positive amendment.

The same goes for your social media platforms. In today’s age, social media can cause more of an impact on your reputation, which also impacts future sales. We would recommend an aggressive monitoring of all of your social media outlets so that you can react in a timely manner, at least one business day should be the norm. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Snap-chat are instantaneous. And depending on a number of followers can really make an impact either for or against your business.

Remember, it’s your business and like that old saying, ‘The Buck Stops Here”, with YOU!
One simple way to check up on your online representation is to regularly browse for the company name and keywords through a standard search engine. This action takes just a few moments of time, but the results can be a very useful for determining how your company is being showcased online and by whom.

So the clock is ticking down to the start of the holiday shopping season. Halloween is right around the corner and then after that, Thanksgiving is the kickoff. So let’s get the engagement part of your house in order, both on your online store and in all of your social media accounts. Let’s make sure things are clean and mean and you’re ready to entice your followers so they want to recommend you and the products you sell to their family, friends and of course, Followers!

If you would like to speak with a knowledgeable company regarding getting the most out of your store’s reviews and how to engage your stores or brand following, contact the team at Black Arrow Marketing and let them help you to create a plan to grow your store’s exposure in the best possible way. Call today at 1-888-225-4780