Here are 8 Marketing Tips You Should Consider Before Opening for Business:

Are you in the process of starting a new business? Perhaps you’re doing a grand Re-Opening or launching a re-design of your eCommerce store?  Before you get ready to launch, take a second and think about your marketing plans. How are you going to start getting the customers in the door? Sure you’ve heard opinions from everyone under the sun, but have you really taken the time to sit with a marketing team and map out a strategy?   Here are 8 Marketing Tips You Should Consider Before Opening for Business:

Create a Content Marketing Strategy:

Prior to launching your business, you’d want to have a content marketing strategy in place. Write a list of all the methods you plan on using to reach out to customers, whether it be blog posts, videos or newsletters or other social media. Periodically, test each method to see which produces the greater result, and catch the customer.

Diversifying Your Social Media Platforms

All social media sites do not work well for all businesses. While one eCommerce business can have fantastic results on Pinterest or Tumblr, you may find that your demographic frequents Facebook or Twitter. The best thing to do is test each social site, and gauge the results. Once you’ve figured out what site works best for you, begin to scale back from the non-performing sites.

Put a Personalization Strategy into Action

“Personalization is the best new form of marketing, since no one wants to spend money on faceless companies.” When speaking to your customers via telephone or e-mail, be sure to use their names. Many online stores have automated e-mails going out to their customers at different times during the day. Rather than send an e-mail to “Special Customer,” make that customer extra special by addressing him or her by name, as this is sure to catch their attention.

Opt for User Generated Content

User generated content is great for SEO, but is also a great way to interact with and get to know your customer base. If you happen to have someone of note that likes and uses your product, this is a golden ticket to additional customer interaction.

Reach Out to Customers in Their Native Languages

Provide a “Translate” feature in your online store, for those customers whose first language may not be English. If you have an online store, and you have a huge Spanish speaking customer base, the best way to get them to return to you is to make their shopping experience as easy and smooth as possible. Allowing them to search and shop in their native tongue is a win situation.

Use Social Ads for the Ideal Testing Atmosphere

Social ads can be very helpful. You rarely have to spend much to test them out because Facebook lets you send out as many posts as you want on your business page. When one of the posts receives a series of likes and comments, you know that it’s something that customers are interested in.  Use this information in boosting your ads in other venues, such as PPC and CSE placements

Create a Face (Possibly Fictitious) for Your Company

We talked about creating a face for your company above, but what about using a fictitious character? The “Geico” gecko, is an ideal example, since everyone associates the brand with the little green guy.

Make How-To Videos for Creating a Connection and Showing Products

YouTube channels are a fun ways to connect with your customer base. This is also a great way to show off your “How to” videos. If you sell something like gardening gear, customers may not know the best ways to use the products they buy. Videos bring them back to your store and ensure they feel right about buying from you.