Is Your Online Store Ready For Visitor Overload?

Having your online store have a hiccup any day can cause you to have a bad day. Having that same problem or maybe a server issue with handling all that increased traffic can come close to you having a heart attack. Well, maybe not that severe, but this kind of traffic problem can sure take the partridge out of your pear tree!

Downtime on a website, especially during this window of opportunity, is like putting up a sign on your front door inviting your customers to head over to the competition. And they will!

Increased traffic is what you’re looking for this time of year. After all, for a lot of online store owners, this time of year, between Thanksgiving and Christmas are their make or break days!

Hopefully, you’ve been working on potential problems like this starting way back in August or even as late as September. Because if you haven’t done any page load testing or server-side load tests your just about out of time. You may want to contact your hosting rep. to get some reassurance about the amount of bandwidth they have allocated for your store. Especially if you have been seeing increased traffic spurts, due in part to an aggressive increase in social media posts and interaction between that and your email marketing pushes to get the interest juices flowing.

Make sure your bandwidth is adequate and get all this type of information in email form from your hosting service so you have something to refer back to if the worst thing happens.

One way you can test the load capacity (the amount of activity your store can take before it packs it in) is by using tools such as,, and others. If your store is self-hosted, you may want to consider, (we strongly recommend), upgrading the service or your hosting plan to unlimited bandwidth.

Test your email marketing funnels as well. Make sure you have a good, clean recipient list that has been cleaned up over the summer months so that you have practically no, non-deliverables!
Remember, sending the wrong email to the wrong customer could affect sales and really damage your brand in the long run by making you look amateur. Test and test again!

One other main item that some store owners some time miss is making sure your shipping methods and their processes are working correctly and can handle the increased (hopefully increased) amount of orders you’re going to be receiving and sending out for processing!
It’s crucial to make sure your shipping process can cope and you’re not going to fail to deliver orders if they’re coming through fast and heavy, or that you won’t sell out too quickly and end up failing to meet demand. Contact your supplier well in advance, and make sure they know what’s been happening with the increasing sales volume you have been experiencing with your store’s traffic. And get yourself a safety net when it comes to fulfillment and shipping! Make sure you build relationships with different suppliers so that if one fails you, for whatever reason, you can transfer over to another and minimize the effect on your store’s productivity.

Lastly, and this could just as well have been first on the tip list. Is your store mobile and tablet friendly!!! We cannot stress this enough! All the above-mentioned tips need to work seamlessly on mobile and tablet, just as well as they do on a desktop. Mobile friendly websites are a MUST this holiday season and the clock is ticking…..

A whopping $1.2b was spent on mobile devices on Black Friday 2016 and mobile usage is only getting more popular. Last year mobile purchases made up 36% of Black Friday sales and 29% of Cyber Monday sales.

Don’t forget to look at navigation on a mobile, mobile responsiveness and the buying process.

Like we said before, the clock is ticking, Give the team of web design professionals at Black Arrow Marketing a call at 888- 225- 4780, now, before a simple mistake can make your 4th quarter dreams become just that, a dream.

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