Just How Well Is Your Website Doing, Conversion Wise?

September is upon us and the summer sun has started to set a bit earlier each day. Are you ready for the soon to be upon us holiday shopping season? Is your website performing and meeting your expectations? Are your conversions, increasing, staying or averaging the same or worse, are sales dropping off? If you have doubts or questions about any of these, well the first thing you can do is read on. The second and probably most important thing to do is give the knowledgeable staff from Black Arrow Marketing a call and let them review your site and Google Analytics information and get you back on track to be able to meet the holiday shopping season head on with great success. But time is running out, people are shopping earlier each year and know what? They are comparison shopping like never before.

Keep one thing in mind. Most productive successful eCommerce stores conversion rate runs between 2-3%. Which means that all of the revenue that is finding its way into your cash register drawer is coming from less than 3% of your site’s traffic.

When you stop to think that this traffic really is not free money at all. Think about it. You had to pay, (or at least most store owners) had to pay for a web designer to design, program and build your eCommerce site. You’re paying a monthly hosting fee, secure server fees, paying for maintaining product ads, and these are just a few of the main-stay monthly overhead that makes up your expenses. There are a lot more. So I ask you again, are you happy with the profit vs. loss ratio that your store is presenting you with?

Let’s face it. You started this online business to make money. Right? Yes, you can continue doing business the way you have always done it, but wouldn’t it be better and less expensive to optimize your website so that you realize more conversions from the traffic that you are currently getting to your site. Remember, most of your website visitors are yes, looking to buy, but they may NOT be ready to click the “Buy Now Button” right at this moment. The key is to make their visit to your site seamless to the point where they can find what they are looking for easily and with enough supplied information for them to make a good assessment of both the product they are looking for and the basic information about YOU-THE SELLER. Make sure all of the information that pertains to them is easily found. Not hidden in some obtuse area of your store so you can say yes you have it but go ahead and try to find it! Make sure your terms are easily found along with your shipping policies and most importantly your return policies.

This is a big factor for most people. They do not want to be surprised by hidden clauses after the fact.

If you’ve gone overboard on form generating scripts and capturing as much information about your customers as is humanly possible. Let us tell you something. Do YOU like to fill out forms before you’re allowed to get the information you came to the site for, to begin with? Probably not! So why make your potential customers go through hoops to make a purchase. This is just as bad as making a person register on your site before they can make a purchase. If you’re not letting your site visitors shop as a guest than you are your own worst enemy on why you may be losing conversions.

Now, this is only a few of many reasons why your conversions may be dropping off, or why you’re not meeting your expectations at all. Give the team from Black Arrow Marketing a call today and let them work with you to recommend the right steps to getting more conversions and growing your satisfied customer base for expansion. Remember, there is Only a Limited Amount OF Time Left to get you on the right track to making the 2017 holiday shopping season a success.

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