Notice Any Drop In Sales The Last Few Weeks?

We are all watching our orders, hopefully coming in on a regular basis. But some e-retailers may be noticing a drop in orders against their numbers from last year. During the summer months, unless your offerings are sunshine specific, your orders may be falling off a bit. Is this happening to you?

Spring is in the past and summer is in full swing. In fact, with the 4th of July now past, you may see some decline in the amount of orders that are coming in, or lack thereof! So how do you jump start your business in order to generate enough sales to keep things moving forward in a slow market? Merchants are constantly looking for new ways to get their customers attention and get them to spend during the slow seasons to help their bottom line. And slow seasons have the potential to negatively affect your business in several ways. Slow sales give competitors the chance to move in on your target market and make you less current within your community.

The best way to help get some activity going is to go back to your loyal customer base and offer an incentive coupon. Possibly, one that would incent them to purchase an item and 1 or two accessory items as a great “Thank You for Shopping with Us” incentive!
Naturally, this would be done via an email marketing promotion, however, with all the emails everyone is receiving today, some people may have filters in place where they would never even see an email from you unless they are a frequent shopper to your site.

One way to overcome this is to use your website as a promotional tool. Most well planned out eCommerce sites have a promotional area right on the main page so that when people land on the page they can see up-front what you are offering that is important to them and to you, act as a hook to get them to dig a little deeper into your site for promotional deals.
If you do not have that functionality currently on your eCommerce web-store, contact the team from Black Arrow Marketing and let us help you get set up for one or another promotional areas that can be worked into your store so that it calls attention to the deals you wish to promote!

There has been some comments pro’s and con’s regarding email marketing and we will go into some of the ways you can improve your communications to your customer base in another post, but for now, suffice it to say that a good, clean, and straight to the point marketing template can go a long way to getting your recipients attention, before they hit the delete key. Along with that a good subject line, one that has some meaning for them works well also. Nothing like a “Call to Action” statement in the subject line, like, “Save 33% on select items, picked out especially for YOU! To get their attention.

Another way to create increased interest this time of year is to offer a “Free Sample” along with a purchase. (You can set a dollar amount threshold if you like). But by offering a free item of interest, you provide a reason to make a possible sale into an actual sale. What’s more, people will talk this up between their friends and associates and with Facebook and other social media today, that’s a great way to get an additional boost to eCommerce recognition!

Incent your customers to come back to your store with random, monthly “Flash Sales” This is a great way to keep your customers coming back just for a look see, once they realize that you are offering good sale prices on items they are interested in each month. But the carrot on the stick is they have to visit your site on a regular basis since you’re keeping the “Flash Sale” random, so that they can’t just come by on the 15th of each month to see what you have to offer. This is a great incentive especially if you’re making use (in the right way) of your website’s real-estate. So that you’re promotional deals are right next to items you really want to move but don’t want to lower the prices on them to give them away. Think, Think, Think….. It’s all about enticement and offering what you want to sell along with what the customer thinks they want to buy because the initial price is good.

Keep in mind that while your business needs a strong and steady cash flow coming in, the typical slow summer season, now is the time when you can take stock of your whole operation!

From your existing inventory-(items that you are heavy on that you may want to move), to your delegated employee’s responsibilities. Long gone are the days when you could do everything yourself! If you’re still keeping hands on every aspect of your operation, you’re not doing yourself or your business any good, and you’re not growing your employee’s self-esteem either.

Show them how to do time consuming duties and let them run with it. And yes this does take time out of your already busy day, but in the long run, once they become proficient in how to perform the tasks you usually kept for yourself, you’re going to find that you can spend your time more wisely in keeping track of your business’s performance with available web-based tools.

Sure, mistakes are going to be made, after all, didn’t you make your fair share of them when you started the business? Let your staff make decisions based on their level of skills, reign them in when necessary but if you train them right, you’re going to be thanking yourself later on when the holiday hectic season rolls around, and you and I know, that comes up faster than we would like.

So, yes this time of year tends to be a little slower, but you don’t need to be. Keep working your social and email marketing channels, get your business ready for the “Crazy” selling season soon to come and take a good, hard look at your existing web store and see what you can do to make it a better shopping experience for your customers.

If you need additional help, especially, if you would like an honest, in-depth analysis of your existing eCommerce store, then give the knowledgeable team at Black Arrow Marketing a call @ 1-888-225-4780 and let them help you get out of the RED and into the BLACK, call today!