Should YOU Think About including A “Wish-list” Feature On Your Ecommerce Website?

Running an eCommerce website is not an easy task. You have to take care of implementing a lot of best practices to establish trust with the visitors, entice them to view your products or services range, and finally, encourage them to take the leap of ordering from your store. Below are some useful tips to increase customer engagement on your eCommerce store.

eCommerce store owners spend thousands of dollars on hiring experts to help them boost their business and grow their revenues by increasing their customer engagement ratio. One familiar problem for most of the eCommerce stores is the alarmingly increasing bounce rate of 34%.

Ask yourself: What’s the primary reason people shop online? The answer is obvious. Because it’s easy and convenient! Without leaving the comfort of his or her living room or office, your customer can choose what to order and receive the product on their doorstep via your chosen delivery method.

That being said, you need to make sure you are providing them with a good experience once they come to your site. Ease of navigation, good design, and clean, clear, crisp imagery is a must for any website, more especially one that hopes a visitor will purchase from them!

Why Have a Wish List?
With the holiday season looming on the horizon, you should look at all the tools that are available to you in order to maximize your store revenue. There is a feature which you can offer on your eCommerce store to prevent shopping cart abandonment and to attract visitors who would otherwise not visit your web store: A wish-list. This feature makes it easier for your customers to purchase from your store. How is that? Let’s examine.

Let’s say a teenager visits an eCommerce store, sees a product that he really wishes to buy, but he doesn’t have a bank account, or he doesn’t have enough money saved up to make the purchase. But, lucky for him, his birthday is just a couple of weeks away!

On the eCommerce website, he browses the products and adds them to a list he created using  a “wish-list” feature of the web store. When he is done adding products to his list, he shares its link with his family members: his dad, mom, sister, and grandma. (And of course, he shares it with his tech-savvy friends as well.)

Now, naturally, you need to make sure the platform that you are using supports that kind of functionality. This is a must. If it does not, then you need to look at every aspect of your existing eCommerce store to make sure you are doing everything you can to make your shoppers experience an easy and functional one. One such platform that we recommend is Shopify
We are very happy with the platforms performance and stability and if you click on the above link you can try the platform out and see if it is the correct fit for you as we recommend.

Now, getting back to helping to increase your sales: This wish-list helps those who will be giving that teenager gifts. It provides the list of things he’d appreciate as gifts for his birthday. It’s highly likely that these people may purchase one or more of those products from your store. The best part is: these purchases would never have occurred without the wish-list feature. It brought users to your store who would otherwise not have visited your eCommerce site.

Now, this example used a “Birthday Gift” as an example. How much more traffic would you get if you skinned this feature so that your promoting “Christmas Gifts” or “Hanukkah ” for the upcoming holiday seasons. We have found great success if the store owner promotes this feature to his client base starting in Mid-October in anticipation of getting the idea planted in advance of Black Friday and Cyber Monday on-line shopping. Promotions tied into having this feature can go a long way into increasing the order value tremendously.

Visitors to eCommerce websites falling under any demographic will appreciate a wish-list feature. Whenever a life event happens, such as birthdays, cultural and religious holidays, or any other celebration where a person may expect gifts, they could come to your store and create a wishlist to share with those who will be buying the gifts.

How to get the most out of Wishlist feature

As the owner of the web store, you should try to push all the features to your shoppers. Read the points below, and make sure to include these in your marketing efforts for the Wishlist feature. Let’s see the advantages of this feature for all parties.


A visitor, who cannot immediately make a purchase, can save a Wish-list and return to it later. The visitor will not have to search for their favorite products once again. This is especially advantageous for those browsing from a mobile device.

If a visitor is creating a Wishlist to share with their family and friends, they will ensure that the gifts they receive will be something they desire, as opposed to unwanted gifts.


The person buying an item from the wishlist to gift someone else, will know their money is not being wasted because they’re buying something their loved one really wants.

Web store owners

If you are a part of a dev-and-design team building an eCommerce website for a customer, you can convince them to include a Wish-list by informing them of the following advantages:

Wish-lists will help you pinpoint popular items in your inventory. This is a source of valuable market research. You’ll know which products have the potential for increased demand, by merely attracting certain types of visitors to your website.
The person visiting your store to buy an item from a wish-list may end up becoming a regular customer themselves. Word-of-Mouth marketing and referrals from friends are a strong factor in turning visitors into customers.
Better Ecommerce Experience

There’s no doubt that including the Wishlist feature will provide an improved eCommerce experience for your visitors. Not all of them will use it, but it will help bring referral traffic to your web store. Here we’ll take an example of an eCommerce site, One4Pets. Look at the navigation bar on the homepage, it contains a link to “My Wishlist”.

Be creative

Use the Wishlist feature to increase your sales. Offer free delivery if someone purchases multiple items from a Wishlist on a single order. Give the user an option to email their wish-list to their family and friends, but make sure that the email doesn’t appear spammy. Manage user attitudes towards wish-lists through your marketing.
I am sure you will see an impact on your sales if you implement this feature properly.

Wish-lists work if your website loads quickly

Apart from all of the above, it also helps if your website loads fast and doesn’t crash when there is a spike in traffic. The holiday season is a season of gifting. Therefore, you can expect a lot of wish-lists being exchanged between the users. This is why your eCommerce hosting solution provider is an important factor in your web store’s success.

If you would like to speak with someone regarding what you can do to get your website clicking on all cylinders. Speak to the professionals from Black Arrow Marketing, 1-888-225-4780. They can offer a critique of your current eCommerce site and provide you with the necessary recommendations needed to get your sales climbing as the holiday season approaches.