Tapping Into This Year’s 2016 Summer Olympic Games

This year’s Summer Olympics are being held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from the 5th to the 21st of August.

If you made your marketing plans already, then your already promoting products that can be tied into those summer sports that will be featured during the Olympics. It is estimated that $260 million dollars in sales will be attributed to this event and some are saying that the figure will be even closer to the 1 Billion mark! That is a LOT of “Free Exposure” for driving traffic to your store!!!!

ECommerce store owners need to be actively addressing the importance of this special sporting event, looked on by many as the must-see games of the year. Plans should already be in place to promote any and all products that can be tied to these games to help promote sales. And it’s not just sports-related products, but if you’re doing your job right, any party items should also be pushed hard, right out front in the customer’s eyes. A lot of people will be watching the games and putting together parties for like-minded friends to gather and participate in to cheer team USA on…… The potential for extra sales for party goods, team decorations, flags and apparel are too good to pass up. Remember these summer games only come around once every four years. So take advantage of the extra summer time celebration to add dollars to your bottom line.

Promotional banners on your eCommerce store are the logical places to start so that you can call attention right on the page load to get the interest of your web-store visitor.

Email blasts offering special promotions and coupon codes should be looked at for having the order value increased on a sale.

Featured Products Area on your main page is a no-brainer for featuring “Team USA” items, great images and “Call Out” icons of “Special, Hot Price, Going Fast” are all eye incentives to get your customers making that click to purchase. Remember the cart area, now is the time to make sure it’s streamlined so that a customer does not have any second guesses involved, You just want them to buy and put in their CC info. and get their products off to them.

Shipping and Returns, while you may think it’s not an important factor, anyone who has been involved with holiday sales will know that accurate shipping and return policies are a must for knowledgeable internet shoppers. They know how long an item should take to ship and they want to know what options they have if an issue arises that they need to return it. Make these policies easy to find and back up what you have on-line!

This is a great opportunity to start using your social media channels to gain some traffic on the upcoming events. Naturally, USA sports related apparel will be a great mover, from shirts, hats, and USA team towels and blankets. Nothing generates more sales than the fervor that happens during an Olympic year!

Make use of your Facebook presence to engage your followers for comments about the games. What sport are they following the most? Who do you think will walk away with the most medals? Should we be even participating in this year’s games because of the Zika virus that is in full bloom in Brazil? There are a number of topics that you can be engaging your followers with. Keeping them engaged and actively promoting various team USA products will help you make this summer season a success.

The major brands will be doing a lion share of the work in promoting their wares highlighting the fact that the teams will be wearing or endorsing their products. From Nike to Adidas, Puma, Under Armour not to mention Brazil’s own Havaianas. The eCommerce store owner needs to be aware of this fact and promote these brands right now to take advantage of the building momentum associated with this year’s games.

Make your plans now and start engaging your customers! Make sure your web store is ready to highlight those products with game tie-ins. Navigation is key and ease of checking out will allow your customers to have a nice experience as they shop for the Olympic items they must have while watching the games! You want to make sure your eCommerce store is ready and waiting for when the Olympic Torch touches off this year’s summer games….. Go Team USA!!!

If you would like to discuss options or possibly make some tweaks to your web store in time for the summer games, you can contact us at Black Arrow Marketing at 888-225-4780 or email us at Info@BlackArrowMarketing.com